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I am working on a ultrasonic paintbrush cleaner.? Answered

I am working on an ultrasonic paintbrush cleaner... I have the transducer and I am pretty sure I can use a regular stereo amp... (because a transducer is just a different type of speaker) what else do I need. I guess I am asking how to make an ultrasonic generator.


The transducer will be most efficient at a certain frequency (perhaps around 50KHz). Make an oscillator that provides that frequency at a power level consistent with the transducer specifications. You may also need a heat sink for the back of the transducer. ~Bob~

AFAIK, the transducer and its driver form a self resonant system. They don't get driven from a fixed frequency, you basically make a very high gain amplifier and connect it with positive feedback - the amplifier amplifies a bit of noise, the transducer moves a bit, the amplifier amplifies the returning signal and feeds it back to the transducer...in a few cycles the whole thing is ringing nicely. A bit of selective feedback keeps the thing at its fundamental mode, and not at a harmonic, and you are away !

hi, How did the ultrasonic project ended?
any tips you can share? im after doing one myself

Did you get a response? How far along are you on your project? I want to make one also. Surprising that there is not an instructable on diy ultrasonic cleaner already. This absence makes me wonder if this idea is more difficult to implement that we imagine.

Okay... I want a big ultrasonic cleaner... paint brush cleaner... car part cleaner.

I think it unlikely that a regular audio amp will handle Ultrasonic at any reasonable power. Is this idea really viable as just dunking a brush in a suitable solvent seems to work for me.

I know... but I am always trying to do things... that will interest my students and keeps my brain working.

I am one of those guys that... just because it makes sense to do another way... I will still do it.