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I bought a High Speed Video Camera, What Should I Film? Answered

I bought a high speed video camera for my birthday! (Excessive exclamation marks.) Specifically, the Casio EX-F1. Do you have any suggestions on what I could film in ultra slowmo (1200 fps)?



9 years ago

How about the blow back from that airsoft gun I sold you? :D

Oh the things I will shoot with that gun. :D

I take it you like it? I loved it, then I got a real gun. hhahaha

Best. Gun. Ever. :D
I plan to drive down to the shooting range sometime and fire me a real gun.



The GorillazMiko special is coming up next. (Shooting scrambled eggs.)

You can't embed Vimeo videos on Instructables... :(

At least that site doesn't have the stupid 100MB limit.

I just added this to my trip mine Instructable:

why did they make it full auto. The beretta M9 is not a full auto pistol. :( Still cool looking. Can you shoot a raw egg with it? :) :)

I can't find the Instructable this was based on...

This one is a little long, it's a 15 second firework

OK here I go:

  • Sneezing
  • blinking
  • TV turning on
  • Your dog drinking water
  • A water fountain
  • A bird taking off
  • Something cooking....
  • Pouring water into a glass
  • Pouring soda into a glass
  • Breaking and egg
  • Fliping a coin
  • Slapping yourself or someone else (the result is incredible)
  • Spitting
  • A light bulb turning on
  • Your dog barking
  • Punching a wall
  • Someone else taking a picture!
  • Jump rope
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming!
  • A cup full of a substance (preferably coffe) Falling and shattering
  • Michael Felps Swimming, but the picture will surely come out blurry...
  • A horse running
  • a bee flying
  • water tap...
  • ice falling onto water or soda inside a cup
  • A fan moving (blowing)
  • throwing a water ballon and it popping

Fliping a coin

I'll do that next. It's been raining all week so I've been unable to film anything epic yet. >:(

Quarter? Note:I have no information about US currency,just guessing the coin.

Correct, it is a State Quarter. I don't recall which one it is, though.

. It just blows me away that you can do that with a consumer camera. . Why is it so wide? (Or short?) . Can't wait to see more.

1. It is truly amazing. 2. I'm not sure. It's the default setting for 1200fps, the screen size decreases for each increase in fps. 3. If only it would stop raining...

2. My guess on that is that the shutter can only open so fast and the larger the frame rate, the shorter the shutter can open before it has to close again.

I have some ideas:

A car crash (With dummies)
Smacking someone
Punching someone
A door slamming
Dropping a glass of water
Playing a Guitar
Shooting a squrriel- Never Mind

Perhaps you could pop a balloon full of water or clap your hands?

Lay out a row of matches, side-by-side, heads touching, and light the first one. (You may need to fix them down.)

Wow, the way the flame .... flows....

It's mesmerising, like watching solar flares...

Some footage I took yesterday.

This quick little video I did for AV class has some high speed shots in it.

The Grim Reaper says film a movie for BARACK OBAMA!!!!

. How fast is 1200fps? How fast are "normal" hi-speed cameras, eg, the ubiquitous bursting water balloon?

A normal-speed camera is only 24fps, so one second of 1200fps footage would take 50s to play back at "normal" speed.

That's normal for film. For video it's 30fps. So this is 40x slower. As I recall, the 1200fps mode didn't look very good. the 600fps and 300 fps modes were better.

For any interested, here's a shot of a second hand (It starts at the beginning of a second and ends just after it turns):

The 1200fps mode needs a lot of lighting. The quality is excellent with the proper amount of lighting, (Though this isn't shown in the above example as this was a quick setup).

Very interesting that you can see the bounce so clearly when the ratchet stops the turn.

. It seems that most slo-mo cameras shoot at 1000-5000 fps. . Amazing that one can buy that kind of speed at "WalMart" for $1000 (or less).

Something in a blender! (an old cell phone?)

Slapping somebody (a volunteer!) Matchstick rockets Insects jumping or taking off A match to a balloon full of flammable gas.