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I bought a multi colored 3 prong LED and it blinks... what did I buy? Answered

what's the pinout?I have it working, but... I would like to make sure I do not fry it. it's red blue and green but automaticly cycles in an odd pattern with teal... Shouldn't there be a purple? Bought from radioshack. Sorry, no images.



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How / why did you buy something without knowing what it is - bargain-bucket? If you have it working - how have you wired it up? L

Radioshack went out of buisness in my town, sadly. I hooked it up how I labeled it in the picture at 6.5 volts with a 1k ohm resistor and it would cycle, then get stuck on red or turn off, so I put another resistor in parallel (for 500 ohms) and it worked alright... When I shorted out the lead I did not label to the neg. side it would turn off, then, I would short it out again and it would turn on a seemingly random color... I couldn't get it to flash again. Let's see how big this pic is....


OK, I think it's this one or similar. So you seem to have wired power & ground the right way. Might have been damaged?


I was dinkin' with it for a few hours this morning and figured out it has all the combinations like it's suppose to, just needed more power... close to triple the mA I was using. It's an interesting little toy, I think I'll solder it up to a breadboard/solar panel and leave it in my window.

Usually RGB (every one I've ever seen) leds have 4 legs - red, green, blue, and a common cathode or anode. This could be a bi-colour led, - hence only 2 colours. The side view shows me the common pad and 2 anodes (thin bits) over it.

Hmm, if it's from radioshack is it this RGB LED? I think I've seen these before, it's a standard RGB LED with another pin to control the either the color sequence or how many colors are displayed. As to the pin out I'm not sure. The longer lead is still probably the positive which is in the middle i think. Then for the other two leads, as on any normal LED, it has a flat side, which is probably the side which has the negative lead on it. So the remaining lead is the control lead? Try and post a picture, it'll help.

Hope that helps :)