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I bought a transformer and I want it to work off a dc current. Any body know how? Answered

I want to have my transformer work off of dc current. I has 4 wires. Two are green and two are red. I want to turn it into something useful like a spark generator, or a shocker( Don't post a comment to Plasmanas "Words smallest shock"), but I don't want to plug it into the wall because: 1 its dangerous, 2 I don't have a cord that fits in the wall. So just in case you forgot I want to make a transformer work off a dc power. If that means I have to build a circuit post a circuit.



Best Answer 9 years ago

To use a transformer with DC you need to pulse the DC. This is how auto ignition coils work. And they do produce sparks. I should think that camera-flashes do something similar.


That's an easy one. We used to do this in HS in my day. First you have to determine which is your primary side and which is your secondary side. I will leave this up to you. So now comes the hard part. Locate a door bell buzzer and a momentary contact switch. ( you can also wire a relay for this if you know how.) use some spare wire you might have hanging around to make a circuit. Oops forgot you need a battery ( a 6volt lantern battery will do) Now wire the battery the buzzer the switch and the secondary winding all in series. now activate your switch and check your primary winding to see if your voltage has stepped up. Two ways of doing this first touch both wires of the primary (not recommended) or use your volt meter set on ac. It should read more the 6 volts.. It's crude but it works. I would add diagrams but I assume you know what your doing.


9 years ago

The only way I can think of to boost DC voltage without changing it to AC or pulsed DC (aside from electrostatic generators powered bu DC motors) would be to charge some capacitors in parallel and discharge them in series.

When a transformer is used for DC, it becomes a filter to remove unwanted noise or other signals other than pure, clean DC. DC does not increase or decrease in voltage through a transformer. To do what you want to do, you may have to build something like a Van deGraf Generator or a Tesla Coil.

not exact. in dc you can use the transformer only to smooth current. that in no way means smooth voltage - transformer gives high voltage shocks when the dc is switched on or off