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I bought the pro membership but can not download pdf files Answered

How do I get thethe PDF  files to download? I bought the pro membership but am still unable to obtain the pdf files.


Have you got it working yet? (I noticed you posted this a few days ago).
Can you tell me what browser you're using?
Can you please explain how you are trying to download a pdf? and then tell me what happens?

Post a 'reply' to me and I'll try and help you.

I'm sorry this is not working it is telling me to become a pro member I have bought the membership and went to activated it and tells me to become a pro member i did this for 3 time and paid for it x3 so please can you guys fix this problem thank you and have a 1TB hard drive and windows 7 and use chrome for internet name is Pacific Engravers username and sales@pacificengravers.com
Thank you and hopefully it works this time

Pacific Engravers, can you please email Instructables (service@instructables.com) and provide them with your username, the email you use for your Instructables account and the details regarding your purchases (X3).

They can look into it, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I purchased pro membership, cant download and pdf and I dont see anywhere to activate my membership.....please help

Click on "You" on the top right of the website to open your profile page. Click on the "Pro Membership" tab to see your purchase and to activate it.

If your purchase is NOT listed, and you have proof of purchase, then please contact Instructables at the service email address listed at the bottom of all pages. Make sure you include your username and the email address you use for your Instructables account (along with a copy of your purchase) and explain that you are unable to activate your Pro.

I am using Internet Explorer 64bit nothing happens when I click on pdf other than I get a notice to "go pro"

I've just joined, my payment has gone through, I've looked under You which says Welcome (as though my membership has all gone through ok) but if I go onto Pro Membership it says "I see you are not a member". I can't download any PDFs. Any suggestions?

Hello ot818. For some reason, while you paid for it, the pro membership decided not to activate. I'm not sure why it does that sometimes, but it will one time in about every 400 sign-ups, which makes it really difficult to figure out. If you have any problems like this in the future, please email service@instructables.com and they'll be able to help you out much faster then I can. Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

I bought the year membership to Pro and when I tried to download a pdf it said I wasn't Pro. I followed the instructions mikeasaurus gave but when I clicked on the pro tab it just said I wasn't a member. There were no other options except to buy it AGAIN. I sent an email to the email address and was told a lot of stuff that does not solve my problem. I still want to download a file but it wants me to buy the pro again. I'm not doing this - Either give me my money back or give me the membership - this is not right!!!

I am having the same problem. I paid for the membership, I get no response and the suggestions everyone has provided have not fixed the issue. I don't know how to get a refund when you can't contact anyone. Please let me know if you find a name and number that reaches a live person.

If you can't find the method to activate your Pro account under the PRO MEMBERSHIP tab on your You page, then you need to email service@instructables.com.

I hope that helps!

Thanks but I have contacted them and all I got was an automated response that was of no help whatsoever. I'm not exactly happy at the moment. I just tried again and still says that I have to subscribe. I have a receipt for my purchase and it has gone through my account - I just want the access to what I paid for.

The automated message is just to let you know we got your email. Please allow at least 2 business days for us to reply. Don't worry, you'll only be charged for the services you want.


6 years ago

I bought the pro membership for $29.00

When you paid for your membership, did you got to your profile page to activate it? Once activated, you'll see the PRO icon next to your name.

To view your profile page, click on the "YOU" text (top right corner of website) and then click on the "Pro Membership" tab on your page.

If you need more help, please click on the "REPLY" button within this message (otherwise I won't know that you responded).

When I click on the you button and go to profile the information I entered is there. I see no other option that allows me to activate the membership I paid for. I still can't get pdf files to download. and the PRO icon does not appear.

When you go to your profile page, and you look under the "Pro Membership" Tab, what do you see under "Membership Details"?

If you have purchased membership and its also been activated, it should show a "Start Date" and an "End Date". If it does NOT, then you must click on the orange text and redeem the membership you have paid for.

Just purchased Pro membership. Can download other PDFs but not from this page: https://www.instructables.com/id/Beginning-Soft-Circuits/?download=ebook

When you click on the button 'Download PDF' or 'Download ePub' you are asked to enter your Pro membership details. When I do, nothing happens. Doesn't matter if I login first or not.

I am trying to download the file "Beginning Soft Circuits".

WinXP, Firefox 10.0.1

I also bought the pro mebership but cannot download the PDF's if you figure out the glitch will you let me know.

You need to activate your Pro Membership before you can download PDF's, you can activate it through your You page. Your account will then have an orange button that says "PRO" next to your name.

I did buy the pro membership, but when I click on the you button it does not tell me that I am a pro button.

If you go to the You page, there's a tab near the top that says PRO MEMBERSHIP. In that tab there are links to redeem your membership. 

If you are still having trouble you can email service@instructables.com

this is for canucksgirl is there another way to pay for pro memberships than paying though paypal I do not use paypal for ant reason because they get information about you they do not need like credit reports and things


Hi nitrojohn, sorry I didn't know about your question until now. I would suggest you try and write a good instructable, because if its featured, you may get pro membership that way. Like many, I cannot afford to purchase membership (regardless of the method), and have been very fortunate to win mine.

If you need some guidance on writing a good "feature worthy" instructable, read this article and follow the guidelines. Its not a guaranteed method to getting featured, but it most certainly will help.

Also, to ensure a member gets your question, click on the reply button within the comment box for that member.

why cant i download PDF files I'm a pro member need help

You need to activate your Pro Membership before you can download PDF's, you can activate it through your You page. Your account will then have an orange button that says "PRO" next to your name.

Downloading PDF's is a Pro-only feature


6 years ago

Hi, I am using explorer. When I click on the icon that says download pdf file nothing happens.