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I broke my thumb Answered

i just broke my left thumb last night i will now comment less cause it's a pain to type (unless all of a sudden it gets better). Now i have one disfunctional hand that can't do much i have to go to TSA national conference in a couple days for a week. I was working on an instructable, but now it's going really slope/stop



10 years ago

haha, karma for saying all that bad stuff in the chatroom two days ago

dude, you were acting racist out the wazoo!, like racist jokes and stuff...

only slightly racist thing I ever said the whole time was AZN pride And if u take that the wrong way then your racist

no, I was offended, with your outright cussing, some is ok, a few jokes here and there is ok too, but every time you added to the chat convo was either racist or obscene.

AZN pride rocks. Im whiter than the whitest of whites.. (Irish and proud of it) and I think you should be very proud of your origins (genetically) and accomplishments collectively. AZN pride, Irish pride.. just being proud doesn't mean you ostrasize any other race by default.

That might not have been him.... O_o

If it wasn't him, that's a major flaw in the chat room

Broke my right thumb in Tae Kwan Do like 8 years ago, hurt teribly for nearly a year, and it still hurts with the weather changes.

Oh, that sounds painful. I hope you heal quickly. Bone seems to have a way of taking it's good ole time, especially if you don't take care of it. If you stress it much it will take much much longer.

Um, were you doing a back flip or a back handspring ( in a back flip, you might have landed on your head and injured your neck, rather then your hands)?

like I was trying to land on my feet, no hands inbetween

Ok ;-) just wondering how they got involved ( not a high enough "vault" or you didn't wait until you reached full height to start the backflip).

I think the worst part is the functionality, its hard to do simple tasks like cutting food


10 years ago

Ouch! Broken fingers / thumbs really hurt.

oh, I got over the initial shock and I'm back to work on the function generator

Do you have a cast?

You'll have to print out Adrian's signatures image, then cut-out-and-glue the signatures to your cast.

:D What an awesome idea! Long, long after I am dead and in the ground, they will be using my image on instructables...if I ever finish it.

It's more of a soft wraparound splint that you can buy at walmart It's just there for support

pull up your zipper without jumping up and down

promise you won't laugh? I tried doing a backflip off the ground like in all of those free running videos, according to my friends I made it ~270 degrees (almost!) and I landed on my wrists/thumb. My wrist were the first to immediatly hurt, but after a couple of minutes it's only my thumb.. Next time I'm going to try and do a backflip I'll do it on a softer surface.

"Next time I'm going to try and do a backflip I'll do it on a softer surface." Spotters. Spotters, spotters, spotters, perhaps some spotters, and the odd spotter. Spotters. :) That is my usual advice for people trying to learn tricking moves like that. A lot of them are difficult to badly hurt yourself with, because the worst you can do is land in a heap, but backflips are dangerous. One of the worst ways you can hurt yourself is to land on your face with your back arched- you risk serious injury because your spine doesn't bend that way- and a good spotter will prevent this. Other than that- look on the bright side, at least you still have a working arm. Last time I broke my thumb I also broke the opposite collarbone so was left with just four usable fingers >_<

I did have a spotter, it was my first time trying to do it with only a hand on my back (oppose to one helping you flip)

oh, but I told my mom I tripped and fell... just cause what I said above makes me look like an idiot

Dang, painful....

got any gory gross pictures?

Darn, that sucks. Might I ask how you broke it?

WOW. sorry for you. so both the electronics wizards hurt themselves this spring? coincidence? or is it a conspiracy against us lol.

Wow that must be painful ... How did you manage to break it ???