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I brought Amnesia The Dark Descent and it's saying 'FATAL ERROR!' and asking about my graphic card and log file, help? Answered

Yeah, I just got it tonight and it keeps saying 'FATAL ERROR: Renderer #0 ould not be initialized! Make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. Check log file for more information.' Wat does it mean by 'log file' and what should I do to find it and/or how will it help? Will I need ot buy anything for it to work? Should I re-install it? Also, I brought it on steam.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Read the error again, break it into sentences...It's telling you EXACTLY what is wrong.

fatal error: something bad
Renderer 0: which renderer had the error
could not be init: again, something went wrong

"MAKE SURE YOUR GRAPHIC CARD DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE" -- that means, make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date!

Check log file for more information: That means if you don't understand, then find the log file and see if that has more information.

So, granted, it's a tech savvy instruction to 'update your video card drivers' -- which we are happy to help with! -- Your computer either has an ATI or NVidia, or 'other' graphics driver -- they are easy to identify by checking your computer device manager.
1) Right click my computer (this may be in the start menu as "computer")
2) Properties
3) Device Manager
a new window will open -- look for your "Display Adapter" or "Graphics Adapter"
I for example have an Nvidia G-force GT130.
Find your model number, and google the manufacturer's website (probably ati.com/support , nvidia.com/support, etc...
Find the 'driver installer' on the manufacturer website, and download the one that matches your part number...install.

If this doesn't work - something is pretty wrong, and you need to get a techhy person to look at it. Hope it helps!

It says I have A Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Chipset Family, but i'm unsure on how to find my model number, this may be a bit late to say, but I have a laptop ._.

So you need to goto 'yourlaptopbrand.com' and find their support/dowloads area -- and find your model number, then find 'graphics drivers' -- download and install.


I dont think dell has one, plus I think I found the model number, but theres nothing about 'Graphic drivers' and so such

there must be -- laptops usually have a unique flavour of windows that has their drivers, worst case scenario contact the manuf for assistance.

I dont think dell has one, I have a Studio Laptop 1737 but I really dont think they have one

.  Going by past experience, Dell will have the latest drivers.
.  Google is your friend. C&P "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Chipset Family" (I got that from one of your previous comments) and get the driver(s) straight from Intel.

But how do I tell if it's a Windows Vista 64, or Windows Vista 32 or anthing else

It'd most probably be a x32 Being a laptop, I've got the same chipset as you I'll let you know If I find a fix. This is also a problem I've had with fallout 3 I eventually found a driver that changes the drivers appearance to an Nvidia driver and the game ran fine after that.

Im having the same problem with fallout 3 also. It loads, I hit 'New game', the dial spins for a few seconds, then it turns to a black screen, an error message pops up and I have to close it

Dude, Intel has always produced crappy 'Graphics cards' and they always will. I used to have the same chipset as you, however I saved up some money and I bought myself a Toshiba Satellite C50D A 138. Now my new laptop runs Amnesia : The Dark Descent Mid-High settings no lag 40+ fps and Amnesia : A Machine For Pigs on max settings 30+ fps no lag. My graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 8210. There is something called saving up, if you have a pc get a graphics card like mine or above, if you have a laptop, buy yourself a laptop with good specs. Mine costs under £300 so it doesn't have to cost a lot.

Try downloading the newest version of the drivers and see if it helps, I don't know if they support OpenGL 2.0 but it couldn't hurt to try.

Hi, I had the same problem with Amnesia and a few other games. i have the same drivers, too. I'm sorry to say that Intel chips cannot run this game because the graphics chip's drivers only support OpenGL 2.0, the game requires OpenGL 2.1. I hope this at least helps a bit.

Its doing exactly what shattered horizon did on my computer. You probably don't have the right graphics card to run the game and from what I've seen, Amnesia is a pretty resource intense game. Make sure you have a graphics card with at least a 4.0 shader model. Oh and that log file is probably an error log in the base folder of the game with more intense information.

This game requires a Radeon X1000/GF 6 or similar.
"Integrated graphics might not work. Low cost video cards may perform worse, or not work at all, even if they are much newer than older medium to high range cards."

What do you have?


Unsure about what kind I have, I know must basics about a computer, but nothing serious

I suspect that the game fails because it tries to get your graphics to do something they can't.

Try to return it to the store, sell it, or get a different computer.