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I can find videos of 18 and 14.4 volt DeWalts hooked up to car batteries. Why does it not work with my 12 volt? Answered

not any details to give, followed various instructions that end in nothing happening


Do you know the drill is still working on a conventional battery ?

It did 'til I screwed around, now the switch (trigger) is bad but power directly to the drill motor works.

well no. I mean, i can't hook it to the switch so i can control the speed (which I think is done using a potentiometer to reduce the voltage, but with my available amps being so high I think it might have overpowered it). I can still connect directly to the motor with 12v sources from 1 Amp to 20 Amps and it works fine.

No, the speed control is done with electronics that switch the motor on and off very quickly. It sounds like you've damaged that bit to me.

apparently a replacement is $65 so i'm just gonna find a push button and put in there with the 1.8 amp wall wart i found.
I have a circular saw too that uses the same batteries and I tried to use this wall wart (instead of my bigger power supply) and it doesn't work, but it still works with the battery. I wonder if there's a minimum amperage to activate the circuit so you can't run the battery to a truly dead state.

Err. What doesn't work ? The car ?

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My 24v cordless electric drill has been converted, after the battery pack failed for the second time to run from 2x 12 volt batteries most satisfactorly.

Replace NmiH about £25 Replacement 2 x 12v 25 Ahr lead acid £4.60