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I can go to bed now... Answered

It is 01:29GMT - I've finally caught up with Questionable Content. One thousand, two hundred and ninety-nine issues in a few days.

I came across it via [www.xkcd.com XKCD], and it's rather good.

Sort of like Friends, but interesting.

I like interestingly-insane people, and happily-psychotic computer hardware.

(UPDATE: Than you to everybody who ignored the appalling (now corrected) spelling. It was verylate early when I posted this.)


il stick with rooster teeth comics thank you


9 years ago

Ooohhh, internet comix thread! I have my favorites catalogued for easy access and Questionable Content is high on my list.

What other comics do y'all like? I.e., what am I missing???

Aargh! That's an hour of my life you just cost me! >slap

>Holds face< Oh, so hitting women is the way of the modern British Gentleman, is it?? >Takes off jacket< Well if it's a fight you want...

Not hitting women, hitting a woman.

You really should have stopped at the jacket - you're too distracting to thump now...

FOCF!!! I've got a new motorcycle that says The Monk wins...

Sod that, girls don't fight fair. They have nails, and whippy hair and distracting lumpy bits, and they don't know the number-one rule of fist-fighting; don't hit there.

Kiteman? Are you ok? You dont seem as gentlemanly as you usually are? Old age catching up to ya?

No, just scary flashbacks to school-days.

In the Fourth Form, being made to play hockey against the Sixth Form Girls Team. War veterans get twinges from shrapnel wounds - hockey sticks make me flinch.

Aye, don't forget stiletto heels..

Oh, I once saw a boy at school (when I was a pupil) running down the corridor with one of those stuck in his head...

O_O Ouch... I hope the poor bugger deserved it...

Oh, yes - it was the same boy that the biology/games teacher offered to hold still while I hit him back*.

*An offer I regret not taking up to this day.

He just kept on - he was the school bully, a genuine thug, but too thick to learn when to back off. Me, I still flinch when a girl takes off her heels...

Violent chaps aren't you Limeys? I let people pick on me, then go completely animal on me, then they and everyone else who witnessed never bugs me again.. and has an ever lasting fear of me.

Oh.. Sinfest - Calvin and Hobbes for people pretending they don't like Calvin and Hobbes!


9 years ago

QC is possibly the best webcomic evar. Keith showed it to me during summer, and I have been hooked! I suggest, whenever you aren't doing anything, to start from the beginning, and catch up.. Its very funny, I got to chat with Jeph on aim a few times, hes pretty cool.

I second the entirety of this comment!!!

GASP!! Kiteman read QC! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Kiteman is hip!


9 years ago

Ahhhh! Why did you give me the link! I clicked it and now I'm going to have to read all of them. Way to go! Lol.

>cackles and rubs hands

I REALLY shouldn't have opened that here at work.....oh well, I only read the first one and may come back to it later at home....probably not L0L

Your devious plan worked on me too! Kiteman must be stopped!

Adds Questionable Contend to list of addicting webcomics introduced through Instructables.

Oh, and are they still updating?

Theyre addicting! Its been one day and I've already read way too many of them.

<zombie voice>
Can't Stop Reading!
</zombie voice>

Me too...

*Resists urge to click link* i do not have time for these things!

I noticed that you italicized rather good, but you didn't link to Rather Good. Some of they're stuff is rather bad, but The Soluble Song should be required for every high school chemistry class :-). And then there's We Like The Moon...

Oh, yes!

Back when I had Year 6 classes (age 10-11), and "dissolving" was a topic, I'd give them the words to the Soluble Song, play it a few times, then make them act it out.

I use Spanners as the backing track for slideshows sometimes, especially if the photos are silly stuff at school ("spanner" = "numpty" in the UK).

You used to be able to download their songs for free, but it looks like they've discovered iTunes now...


9 years ago

I'm inordinately fond of El Goonish Shive, which is more of a story comic. Sort like Friends, only with SF... (It is one of those "gender bending" genre things, sort of. But, it's sort of, well, sweet.)

(It's really interesting on an entirely different level to watch the art in these comic improve as time goes by...)

Yes, Kiteman said, "like Friends, but interesting." I'm not sure that Friends is being used in a positive way, there ;-)

That's pretty awesome. I've only checked out the first few, and I'm already laughing!

I read QC obsessively a few years ago, but I quit when I lost my internet connection. I do need to catch up, but I have such a hard time coming back to things where I left them. :P It is a very good comic, though. Probably my favorite, if you don't count explodingdog.