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I can not publish a video instructable to save my life Answered

I can not publish a video instructable with an embedded youtube video.  It keeps sending me to edit when I click on publish.  No matter what I try I can not seem to get it to work.


I figured it out. It is miss leading when trying to add a picture as a thumbnail as the area for the thumbnail looks as if it might be drag and drop. It is not. Further more, there is a line dividing the thumbnail area and the upload image area so it looks like they are separate steps. For others who are having the same problem, make sure you upload an image and then click on library where it should show up. from there you can add the thumbnail. The instructable will not show up if their is no image as mikeasaurus said.

Do you have an image added? Even video's need an image to be used as a thumbnail when they are indexed.