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I cannot get my desired thumbnail to be the actual thumbnail. Answered

So placed my desired thumbnail as the very first picture in the intro, but for some reason, the 4th image is being used. I have been working on the instructable for a while, and I assume that it is because for the longest while the 4th image was the first image and thus the thumbnail. 

But now I have added more pictures before said picture, and it is still the thumbnail. I have removed it from the Instructable, but it is still the lead image. I have removed other images and rearranged them, but to no avail. 

Will the thumbnail change when the site does an automatic update? Or should I be doing something else?


I encountered the very same problem myself today, but only with a multi-step instructable.

Go to You -> Instructables -> The Instructable to change -> Edit -> Try the new Editor -> Publish

Now you'll be on a page where you can change the instructable title, tags, category and concerning your question, "Change Cover Image". It's a dropdown menu with the images of the instructable, just choose the one you want and it should appear in the preview box on the left side.

Click "save" in the top right corner and you're done!

For me it updated automatically and immediately.

Gotta give the site time to update it. Too many updates and changes in a short period of time on a publish instructable causes problems. I've lost a couple because of that sort of thing. Well they were not lost but they no longer showed up anywhere on the site but in my profile.

So I should just wait it out? Eventually it will fix itself?

If it doesn't in a couple of days then post it in the forums bug section.