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I cannot log in on my other account, TheChemiker. Am I banned, or is this just a problem? Answered

I tried logging in a few days ago, and it would not let me.  I know I have my password right, and my username, so am I banned for some reason?  And can I get unbanned?  I have no way at all of accessing my account, and DJ radio is having the same problem.  Help please?  There is also a line through my other account's name.  Why?



7 years ago

Your account will be unlocked when you email service [at] instructables {dot} com with a formal apology addressed to the community as a whole and the member whom you have been harassing. Should we find this apology acceptable, your account will be unlocked.

I've not seen it before -- did you break the be nice policy?

I don't know, I had a prank avatar image, but I took it down when the person the prank was on said he was going to send a report to an admin, but I guess he still put me on.

You have been BANNED. kNeXFreek had said the same to me. You know why? That avatar image is kNeXFreek.

I was not aware of that until after I put it down. I took it down when he asked me, I don't know why he put my name in the report.

Have you listened to Kevin, you would've not been banned. He told me anyone who kept the avatar is being reported.

You'll have to ask nicely, try Ed Lewis perhaps?


you didnt ask nicely and you need to read the admins response because that is the best answer yet

Yeah it says you are banned because your name is crossed out. Dj's name is too.

He has been locked, I told him on Youtube, he doesn't believe me (of course). And I don't think he will bother coming back...

what did you actually do to Kevin? coz i dunno what happened

THere are a bunch of problems that have just popped up in the last week. Post on "BUGS" and email adimin. directly.