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I cannot play the downloads from my Napster monthly subscription on my cell phone. Answered


Is there anyone who can tell me why I cannot play the music I've downloaded from my Napster subscription service on my cell phone? I have some downloads from Napster service and I'd just love to transfer them on my phone to have them on the go.



Yeah but if you ask me, for every conversion you do on a file there is a slight quality loss, although I think the difference between an original file and the recording is hardly noticeable, especially since you say you need to transfer napster music to cell phone.

Anyways, I suppose you can take a look at tunebite converter, haven't used it to unlock napster music but I saw mentioned round their website that it also works for napster protection removal so I guess it should unlock napster songs for your cell phone.

Dunno more on this, so I guess you can just take a look at Tunebite for yourself and decide if it suits your needs.


8 years ago

So, since my cell phone is not compatible with Napster service, the only thing I have to do is to find a good Napster DRM protection remover which can unlock and unprotect my Napster songs by re recording the tracks.

Honestly, I've never thought to unprotect Napster tracks in this way, but still it's a good idea. The only problem is that I have to find a Napster DRM protection removal which can unprotect my Napster music without losing in quality, because indeed I really don't want to have some awful Napster songs on my cell phone. I'd rather get a new phone which is compatible with Napster service subscription than to have some crappy songs on my cell phone..

Hmm, this is a tough one but if you really wanna use napster music downloads on the cell phone than I agree you have two solutions on this.

You either change the napster subscription to the one that allows you to download napster songs to cell phone and listen to them on the go, that is if you have a compatible device or you look for an alternate solution to unlock napster songs and transfer unlocked napster music downloads to cell phone.

Though I do not  necessarily agree that  if you just re record napster music in order to unlock and transfer napster songs to cell phone you'll get crappy quality free napster music.

If you find a good app that can re record napster protected music and save napster protected to free mp3 files in good quality, I am sure no one will notice the difference, especially since we are talking about transferring and listening to napster music on cell phone.

Well, that is was saying too that napster music downloads are indeed protected and you cannot just use napster music downloads on any device you have  round the house.

But I am not so sure it's worth trying to find some sort of  app just to re record napster protected music files and then save napster protected songs as mp3 files.

I mean, I am not sure what  quality would the saved free napster music have  if you unlock napster music by re-recording the files.

If you ask me, it definitely would not be worth it to unprotect napster music and end up with files in crappy quality.

Although you are a member at a Napster service subscription and there is this possibility to enjoy your Napster music on some cell phones, that doesn't mean that you can transfer Napster songs on any cell phone, mp3 player, ipod or any other music device. The reason for that is because, indeed, Napster tracks are protected and even if they are under this subscription fee and the downloads you have from Napster service can be played on some music devices, the music cannot be played on your unsupported cell phone.

But it could be a way to add all your Napster tracks on your phone, but for this you need to rerecord the Napster songs and save them into an unprotected mp3. So, my advice is to find a tool which can rerecord your Napster audio files legally and save them as some drm free mp3s.

Yeah , smells like napster drm protected to me, that is why you cannot transfer napster mp3 downloads to your cell phone.

I guess what you can do to be able to transfer napster music downloads to cell phone is to get one of the supported cell phones from that list of napster compatible devices mentioned round here.

Or, there's some other thing you can do I suppose, that is to change the napster subscription you currently have to one of the napster subscriptions that offer you also monthly napster mp3 downloads. Those should be free napster mp3 songs and you could transfer them to the cell phone you have.

What cell phone do you have? Because I found a list with all Napster subscription's compatible devices:


Checked it and see if your phone is there, if it's there it means that it's compatible with Napster and the Napster files are not encrypted well and they cannot be played on other devices than your pc. You could try on other Napster compatible device to see if it's your phone or the files. 

If your phone is not in that compatibility list, it's much easier because you cannot play music from Napster service' subscription on your cell phone. And you need to get another device which is compatible with music from Napster service.

I pretty sure you can play the music from Napster subscriptions service on cell phones, but I think that you need a special phone or mp3 player which is compatible with the downloads from Napster service.

Maybe your phone is not compatible with Napster and that's the reason you cannot play the songs from Napster subscription on it. If not, the only think you can do is to get a compatible phone or even a mp3 player. 

Digital rights management, I suspect....?