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I cannot seem to charge my run battery at the same time i am using an inverter . Answered

I am trying an experiment to charge a run battery supplying power to an inverter that is used to  make more DC voltage. I Can charge an alternate battery, but when i connected to the run battery it drains to fast  and the inverter stops working. I have a diode on the positive so no drain there. How Can i allow charge voltage in at the same time as running an inverter?



4 years ago

Inverters aren't usually the most electrically efficient devices. They will quickly drain a conventional battery to the point of unability. Are you using deep cycle batteries for the use, and is your battery capacity sufficient to drive the inverter for the required period of time?

If you want to charge a battery while running an inverter, the common method is the use a switching device to re-route the load lines to the inverter from the battery to an alternate power source. If you happen to be charging the battery pack from the same source as that which will be used to power the inverter during the charge cycle, it will need to be able to deliver the max charge current, PLUS the max load current presented by the inverter. Additonally, the inverter will need to be able to handle the elevated charge voltage of the battery charging supply at its input.

I(charger) = I(inverter-load) + I(battery_charge load).


4 years ago

an inverter that is used to make more DC voltage, what does this mean?

Are you looping the inverter 12v dc output back to itself? if so, it doesnt work as you've found out.

If you are using an ac battery charger on the output of the inverter to charge the inverter run battery then you will drain it from all the power conversions.

Its like trying to run a car with the exhaust connected directly to the inlet manifold, ie not going to happen.