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I cannot upload Office docs (PPT/VSD Power Point/Visio Answered

I cannot upload power point or visio docs.  I can do it if I hide them in a zip file...


Have you tried using the image library? Treat most files as images, and they will pop up in your library as icons (as long as they are not too large).

I was using the image loader while building an instructable. I would see 100% complete, but not "completed". There is something going here on purpose. I just attempted the pptx from the image library, and it says completed, but does not show up in my library. I then made a copy of the file, and changed the extension to "txt" and it loaded just fine. So I then changed it to "zot" and it does the same as "pptx." So then I changed to png, and I got a 503 error (I guess it was parsing things), and finally I changed it to "ppt." That worked.

So it seems certain file extensions are blessed and others are blocked. This should be documented and then .vsd and .pptx (office 2007 power points which is much smaller and more secure than .ppt), and probably a number of other extensions should be blessed.

All the file extensions you mention I believe can be uploaded, and you should see them in your image library with the tag you gave them (un-tagged images sometimes end up in weird places).

The 503 error is usually your browser not connecting with the site and not an indicator of the type of file being denied. There is a limit on file sizes that can be uploaded, but I have uploaded a few non-picture files successfully. I find there are less errors when I upload these file types separately, and in smaller batches. And, uploading through the Image Library (instead of through a Draft Instructable) is usually less problematic.

Aren't "pptx" files designed to be seen as part of a website? That may be the issue.

Still, good that you found a way around it.

pptx and pptm are Office PowerPoint docs for 2007 and above. The 'm' means macros. ppt files are Office/PowerPoint 2003 and earlier. Just like docx and docm for Word 2007+. While there are ways to display both in SharePoint (and other sites), the format is the file for PowerPoint. It seems like instructables needs to document what they are doing and add the "new" (and by new I mean 5+ year old) extensions to their office doc list, as the xls I uploaded is listed as such (Excel now uses xlsx and xlsm). The new formats are much smaller (they are zipped) and far more secure.