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I cant delete my instructable Answered

i have an instructable that i want to whipe from the face of existance but it wont let me all it does is shows me this java code and for some reason people can still visit it


As I view you "master-of-chaos has not posted any instructables yet..." You don't mean the other forum post do you? If you're getting Java errors, I would suggest that you download the source and forward to the site administrator(s) if it seems to contain errors. w/ref deleting your instructable: try again later if it's just page error(s).

no its a instrucable that got kicked for being restarted and now its under unposted and i cant get rid of it

Can you Edit your unpublished instructable?
Is the delete option there (it'll be in a box on the lefthand side)?


Hey lemonie,
instead of making another question that's been asked tens of times before, I thought I'd ask here: how does one delete an unpublished instructable?

I've gone through a fair number of the answers from before and they all appear to be for the old editor, I haven't been on for a number of months and now I'm back on I can't seem to find this delete tab on the right hand side of the editting window.

Kryptonite, was your I'ble a real Instructable, or just a slideshow. We've just confirmed that there is a bug in the interface when editing a slideshow. It should have a left-hand sidebar with the delete option, the way videos do, but that is missing.

Click "edit", and then look across the top of the edit-space. There's a tab that says "delete instructable".

Click it.

I think that's what Kryptonite is saying is missing on his unpublished I'ble.

That's certainly true; I have 'edit', 'private', 'publish', 'share', 'history' and 'see preview', but no delete...

Doesn't matter either way, it's not published so it's not important.

Would you mind posting this as a new bug report? When you do so, send a PM to Matt (StumpChunkman) with the URL to the unpublished I'ble so they can see exactly what you mean.

Hmm, I can't find your instructable to view, but as I suggested previously, try again, and if that fails download the source and report your problem (possibly an option under help but I haven't checked that)



I believe the reason is the people has it in the cache memory.

Yes, I have that same problem as well.