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I can't delete my own instructable? Answered

I'm trying to delete an Instructable I wrote about a year ago, which was published once by accident (its been unpublishes for about a year) but it wont let me, because apparently its entered in a contest! Help?


You could always send instructables a DMCA takedown notice saying someone else posted your content without permission

Error 401: Cannot delete instructable because it is entered in a contest.

That's the problem, it's not entered in any contest. It's never been entered in any contest.

Have you tried publishing it, then deleting it? (Even if this is mindless chatter between us, at least we're keeping the thread bumped until someone more knowledgeable sees it)

*pokes keith* be a rebel guys

. Sounds like a job for Robot. PM someone on staff.

Which one is it?

I think it is not possible to do so. If you did enter it in a contest, its impossible. There was an ible I tried to delete that was entered into the book contest, but it wouldnt let me. I ended up typing that the ible was removed by the author, then flagged it as spam. It has been a few months, and it still hasnt been deleted.