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I can't find an image of John Coburns 'Primordial Garden' anywhere! HELP!! Answered

I've been looking for an image of a painting called 'Primordial Garden' on Google, Dogpile, and various art sites for close to 2 hours now. Additional Details: Medium: Liquer on Hardboard ( that's what my book says, anyway ) Size: 5ft. 2 1/4 ins. x 11ft. 9 3/4 ins. ( not sure how that helps, and i use metric anyway. Meh. )


I'm starting to think that you won't find it (surprise, surprise!) on the internet.

Try a book store, or *shudder* your local library.

Ya know, some people might find this quite coincidental, or even ironic.
But, i'm writing this reply from my local library.

Sorry, nothing there ( here ).


And, that's even worse. I'm in Australia. Perhaps, just stop commenting. Might be less embarrasing...

I rarely pass up a harmless, but bad, idea!
(see some of my other answers to understand what I mean...)


(For those of you who don't know, he's dead, Jim...

Uh, who's Jim? And, YAY FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE HARMLESS BUT BAD IDEAS!! Uh, i mean, um, *cough*. Quack.

I've had quite a major look - easily over 60 websites, no luck. I'm beginning to wonder if this was a private commission, therefore it is not in the public domain? The person who legally owns it may not want its likeness to be distributed across the web, thereby/possibly enhancing its sale value?

Clever bugger. ( Is 'bugger' allowed on the "be nice" policy? Not sure... ) But, unfortunately, it's not private. In fact, it's in the National Gallery in Victoria. And since i live in Tasmania, ( apparently the safest place on the planet... ) i don't think it'd be worth the flight price. ( Unless someone wants to kindly donate?? ) Meh. Quack

How far/long is it from Tasmania to Victoria? I'm asking as the canonical ignornant American, of course :-) Is there anything else in Victoria worth seeing besides the National Gallery?

Well, it's almost exactly 1000 km from Hobart to Newcastle, so i'd say ~6-700 k? And I can't really answer the last two without sounding rude, arrogant, ignorant, ( hehe, i spelt it right... ) or 'canonical', whatever that means...

Oh, just for clarification, that was supposed to say Six to Seven hundred km, not 6700 km... Whoops...

Hee, hee :-) Americans can't spell nuthin', either. "Canonical," in this context means "archetypal" or "an exemplar," "the best example of." Thanks for answering my question -- I know that Australia is large (roughly as wide east-west as the U.S., I think), but I have very little knowledge of where its cities are located. If I recall correctly, Tasmania is an island off the northwest(???) corner?

Ah. You're totally forgiven, Australia being the smallest continent and all. Although, no, Tassie isn't in the northwest. Tasmania is the largest island in Australia, the big triangular-shaped island in the south west. Also, out of pure curiosity, when you think of Australia, what image comes to mind? Heres a map for you.


THat's what I'm thinking too. I spent quite a while looking and found lots of work by him but not the one we were looking for.

You can find it at the National Gallery of Victoria, according to searches.

Yup, sure is. Primordial Garden II is very similar, some of the shapes are exactly the same. Thanks anyway. And good luck with that 'joy' finding.

sry, u should by the picture

Erm, buy it? I don't think i'd be able to. And from who? The Vatican? Noooot likely. Sorry, but i'm not that rich. Yet.

Closest I could get:http://www.australiangalleries.com.au/index.php?option=com_ag&task=works&id=41

Thanks. I went there too, but nup. Quack.

Well, iTraceur, I think you've done something that could never be done in modern times. And that is to find something that has no photographic evidence anywhere on the net! You win!

maybe flickr???

Well apparently it is in the National gallery of Victoria. Maybe if you contact them they can lead you to a photo or send you one.

Here's a mosaic copy so at least you'll have an idea what it looks like