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I cant find the right size battery for my mom's watch (no size shown)! Answered

Recently I lost my mom's watch battery. I am currently trying to find the right size battery, but the size isn't printed on the watch. We can't afford to take it in and get it looked at. HELP!!!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most jewelers will replace watch batteries pretty much for the cost of the battery simply in the hopes of repeat business.  Don't discount them simply because you think  the cost will be too much, it never hurts to ask.

But they charge way too much. A jeweller wanted 10 bucks to do mine. I bought a cheap pack of 4 cells from a discount store for 3 bucks ( not even the same size as the one in my watch) and it's been running for longer than the last cell I had replaced by a jeweller.

Where I live, very cheap-shops sell multi-packs of button-cells, cheap. If you can find one, there's probably one that'll fit.
Something like the picture, but without the other thing


+1. You could by this pack for less than a single cell from a jeweller. A friend of mine buys them on line for just a few bucks with free postage.

They are cheap though, they won't last as long. But they are cheap...


some stores have these boards that have different batt, sizes.it is full of holes and can tell you which one by the size.you can find it more at a place that sells hearing aid batt.

.  Google it! Go to Google and enter the manufacturer and model number.