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I can't get Xbox Live with my dial-up. I tried the steps that instructables gave and I still can't get it. Answered

I have the ethernet cable hooked to my pc, and went to my networks and did the wizard just like instructables said to do but it keeps telling me something is wrong with my IP address. It says my IP address must belong to two or more other devices. I don't know what to do. Thanks for any help.


Tell us which Instructable, and exactly how you've configured your equipment? L

How to get on Xbox Live with Dialup introstep 1step 2step 3step 4step 5step 6step. The above instructable is what I followed. I configured my equipment exactly like it told me to. (I have XP).

Hmm, looks like the author has gone away, so he'll not be much help. You can either give up or post full details (i.e. link the Instructable, post screenshots, what IP address you used and OS version) in
a Forum - you might get a better response.