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I can't install apps on Installous Answered

whats up guys im getting an error in installous 5 (i'm running 5.1.1 on ipod touch 4 and i do have appsync 5) it worked fine until a couple days ago. now don't go calling me a pirater or anything cause to tell the truth i don't really download cracked apps illiegally. i use installous for other purposes. 

so when i open installous and go to the downloads tab the apps that i have in there the icon for them doesn't show up and for how much megabyte it is it says 0.00 B

then i press the install on an app and it has this error

Installation failed: Error
Code=257 "The operation couldn't be completed. (Cocoa error 257.)"
{NSFilePath=/var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads/Minecraft PE-v0.4.0.1.ipa,
"The operation couldn't be completed. Permission denied"}

iv'e googled this problem and all of that i even unistalled reistalled appsync and installous but to no avail it still is the same.
so im here at the trusty instructables community hoping you can help me figure this out


"installous 5 not working" seems to be a common phrase on the internet.
Does this thing have any kind of official customer-support, or is it "at your own risk" software?


they do have a website where there are FAQs known issues n stuph like that but my problem is not there. it's basically an at your own risk like any other free thing on cydia

Hmm, I though it was like that; if you get a good answer here then it's most likely someone went to the trouble of finding it. If you can do that you can answer your own question and get a "best answer".