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I can't post questions or forum topics from Safari Answered

This is the third time this has happened (the first time I thought it was the video I was trying to share), but when I get to the part where I click on "preview" for my question or forum topic, the screen goes blank and even after 5 minutes nothing changes. I can return to the previous page and everything I have typed is there. I tried going to Firefox and was able to post just fine. That is how I am able to do this right now. Is there a reason I can't use Safari for posting in this section, I can do everything else on Instructables from Safari.


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I can't post either.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13

Bumping a thread because I can't post forum topics or a bug report.

When posting a new topic, the preview function does not happen.

In the corner of the screen, it says javascript:submitForm()

That is all.

Have you tried another browser? I had to end up going to Firefox to post.

Use Firefox.  The site is optimized for Firefox, not so much for other browsers.

 DJ, the option to click on "best answer" is no longer here as I wanted you to have it - could it be that I just don't see it on Safari?

This isn't answers.  This is a forum topic.  You have to ask a question to get the option to select "Best answer"

I don't answer questions just to get best answer anyways.  I answer questions just to help people out.  

 Anyway, (there is no such word as "anyways") thank you.

Did you read Ninzerbean's post?
I tried going to Firefox and was able to post just fine. That is how I am able to do this right now.
This bug report is fine as it is, and she's made it clear that she already knows the workaround.

If I'bles were using strictly conforming HTML and JavaScript, then these browser issues would be far less common (except with IE, which doesn't conform to standards anyway).

I know he wrote that part, but I was just telling him why Firefox works where Safari fails.

This happens a bit, I think I will switch my photo out but I am concerned no one will recognize me, I will come up with something more "girl-y". I always thought the name alone was girly but obviously not.

 On the internet its not something to worry about really. 

Your name is more girly than some have been...

here's looking at Adrian Monk...

I've been mistaken for a girl a few times now :(

 You? That is so funny. Hey what is with all the new pictures of everyone with orange badge-y things I can't read what they say.

Clicky on them on someone's profile to biggerate. They're for a co-op instructable some of us have coming out potentially this weekend :) Instructables Top Trumps :)

 Did you invent that word? I like it. Oh , and I love the Top Trumps! Unbelievably clever.

Don't know where I heard it :) I like it too.

Thanks, we put a lot of work in to it.

Sorry... I didn't know she was female.

But I didn't know that this site was optimized for Firefox, I guess since this is where I spend most of my time I will have to switch. My son uses Firefox and loves it, I just don't like the small handles on the side for scrolling even though I have mice that will let you can use your finger to scroll, I am so used to going to grab an arrow up or down. Thanks for telling me and also I guess it is about time I change my picture so every one knows I am a "she".

On the mac you've got a scroll bar, arrows, and finger-scrolling works.

I think she already knows that.  Her question is pretty specific, and reflects a reasonable understanding of how I'bles processing is working behind the scenes.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for getting the gender mixed up.  I didn't know her gender, and I missed that little detail in your comment because I was reading it rather fast.

And Ok then.

Hi Kelseymh, so do I now take this bug report down as I have the answer - being that I have to switch to Firefox and stay on it instead of just running over to Firefox from Safari when I want to post a forum question? I mean I could keep doing what I was doing - switching over - but really it's a bit of a hassle - do you use Firefox? I have Macs in the house and that is why I use Safari, maybe I just like the name...

I wouldn't get rid of the bug report.  It's still valid, and the bug is not fixed.  All you've got is a workaround :-(  I use Firefox 3.6.3 on my Mac, along with Safari.

You already know the pros and cons of Firefox vs Safari.  I apologize for the lack of support in Safari, we have bugs written up, and we're working on them as we get time, but for now, you can usually trust that for our site, Firefox can do all of the things you might need to do.

Let me know if you need anything else!

 Thank you, just for the record though after trying to get used to Firefox for 2 days I am back to Safari. I will just run over to Firefox when I absolutely have to.