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I can't see my instructable Answered

Last night I published this instructable, but I can not see it in ALL RECENT option.

However, it has a comment. I don't understand...

What worries me is that when you solve the problem, my instructable will appear "backward" or as posted several hours ago, and many people will not see it, for that reason.


Sometimes projects that have contentious words are caught by our filters and require human eyes to ensure they are appropriate for the site, this will cause a delay for some projects being published.

People who are subscribed to you will see your project appear in their You page and can follow that link directly to your project, and them leave a comment.

After your project has been reviewed by staff it will be 'published now' and should appear as the most recent item.

Thanks Mike. About "After your project has been reviewed by staff it will be 'published now' and should appear as the most recent item. "

I agree, but think that does not occurs. It appears in the order corresponding to the original publishing date. Al least it was so until some days ago.

You're right. It does NOT show up under recent. However, it does appear for ALL your subscribers under their profile pages in the "New from members you are following" area. So, my guess is that the member who commented is one of your subscribers.

I'm not sure why it's not visible under recent. Maybe it got held up in the filters?

Perhaps a staff member can explain why only your subscribers can see it, and not all members.

(I hope that helps).

Thanks, canucksgirl. The problem was fixed a few hours after I posted the bug.

I think my subscribers receive the same link that one receive when publish the instructable. It is to say, it is in the database, but it is not in the page.

My claim about this, since some years, is that the RECENT sort option is using the publishing date, not the date of inclusión in the page. Because that, all who follow Instructables by RECENT lost some interesting things. Please tell me if you don't understand something, my English is very "yes bwana".

Why this post figures as posted by canuksgirl?

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It shows my username because I was the LAST member to post a comment to your topic.

By the way... I just got the subscription email for your Instructable. (It is really late... I'm suppose to get the email when the instructable is published (just so you know).