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I can't seem to LOG OUT Answered

I have been trying to log off for about 10 minutes now....it keeps bring me back to the page I tried to log off from, or to my "home" page.  I am using FireFox at the moment....updated version I think

Below is one screen shot result after publishing this topic and clicking Log Off:


If you can log out on one device and not an another, then there's some settings on the former browser that is preventing you from completing that action. I am not familiar with BoatBrowser; does that browser have any script-blocking add-ons that might prevent the page from loading correctly?

Oops. I just replied to you Mikeasaurus. Hit delete.. Not sure if you got my reply... But anyway, the application created its own account , which is why I was always signed in. I unchecked it from my " accounts" list on android and removed account. Now I can log In and out without app running in background , etc... Thanks for yer reply!

Mikeasaurus, thanks for reply. It was an application add-on. It had permission to create an "instructables" account on my android phone. . I removed the account from phone, now I'm not automatically signed in all the time, and the app isn't running in background. My phone is not rooted either. Something I'm researching.... Thanks !

I have confirmed this behaviour with FF 3.6.13 on my MacBook (MacOSX 10.5.8). Clicking the Logout link does not do anything except reload the page currently being viewed. I stay logged in, and any other I'bles tabs or windows also stay logged in after refresh.

I just looked at the page source. The Logout link in the masthead calls a JavaScript function, "logout();", which is defined in the page source as:

// TODO: we should wrap all this stuff in a test for user being EITHER logged out, OR logged-in via FB
function logout() {
// FB.logout() includes a redirect to whatever page the user was already on. For now, no FB logout! delete the cookie/log out from FB directly
// FB.logout();
doRedirect( "/account/logout" );

function doRedirect(loc) {
window.location = loc;

I wonder if the above code, with the "TODO" comments are new. I also wonder if doRedirect is incorrectly coded for the case of users with multiple tabs, rather than a "window." I just don't know enough JS to be sure.

I am going to try using the redirection URL from the source by hand, and see if that makes a difference.

Thank you for confirming that I wasn't going crazy :-)

After you do the log off, do a hard reload of the page you're viewing. Firefox may be using the cached version.

You can also test whether your log off was successful by opening a new tab or window and going to I'bles home page "by hand." That should show you as not logged in.

Nope, the reload doesn't work either....it may be the new version of FF too...I will have to depend on the cookie being deleted after closing the browser I guess.

Closing the browser worked to log me off (at least on my end), I just hate to depend on that form of logging off.

You shouldn't have to do that. The log-off on the site should trigger explicit removal (or at least rewriting) of the session cookie. I've got FF 3.6.13 right now; I will try logging off and post a top-level comment with my result (after logging back on).

and no, it still is not letting me log off normally.....

tried the second test already, and I get two instances logged on.

It may be a problem involving your browser, I just tried logging out and it worked for me, and I'm using IE8