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I can't stay logged in Answered

I login, check the box to keep me logged in, then I go offline for a while, come back online and I am not logged in. I am used to other websites that actually do keep me logged in even when I'm offline, is that not how it works here or is it just not working right for me? It does remember my user name and password on the main login page (never the little pop-up boxes) but I still have to click the buttons to log in. I use Firefox, most recent version, and Vista. I have cookies enabled, as I said I am able to stay logged in on other sites.


I have the same problem with the login/logout. I'm using IE8 now, but I had the same problem in IE7 too!

I've been having the same problem in IE7 for some time now but lately it seems to have worsened. The Instructables site now logs me out even if I don't quit IE. Like WileECoyote this does not happen with any other sites. Only a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things but it would be appreciated if someone could look into it.

Check your cookie policy... :/ but the website will work best in firefox..

Thanks for the reply mate. OK. Checked my IE7 cookie policy. Upgraded to Firefox (was meaning to anyway ; -)). Instructables is still the only site that randomly logs me out in both browsers.

When Firefox has that dialog that pops up that says, Remember Now, Remeber Later, Not Now (Or something like that), try clicking Remember Now. It might work, but I am not 100% sure.