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I can't upload pictures Answered

I am trying to make a new instructable, first time, and when I select an image, and hit upload, a new browser window opens and says "Error 400! No file!" or something. I am using safari, and 10.4.9 on a mac. Please fix your shit. I hate websites that don't work on macs.


I had problems too in Safari and Chrome. At the end I had to use Firefox (don't like it)
But I just realised is 2011...


11 years ago

Take a chill pill. We all have our fav. internet browser but I can still use my un-fav. internet browser if I have to, which is flexibility. :P =)

Not necessarily. On Linux it's just about Firefox or nothing.

Yes, the older versions if you try moderately hard. The new versions if you try really hard. It should also be pointed out that this sight was designed for use with Firefox...

Yeah, I use Firefox and I've never really had problems with the site.

. What I can't figure out is, if this place is such a piece of shit, why do you want to upload? Yes, the site has a few minor problems, but I think you will find the information, and especially the people, here to be very valuable and well worth a few annoyances. . And as LasVegas and lebowski pointed out, the problem is with your browser, not the site or Macs.

I never said this place was a piece of shit. I said they need to FIX their shit. Not supporting safari usually just equals 'poor coding'.

. Since most other browsers, including IE, seem to work (or at least I haven't seen any complaints), I'll stick with my statement. You need to be bitchin' at the Safari developers. . Your whole they-oughta-do-something-and-right-now attitude is way out of line. Why do the fine ppl at Instructables owe you anything? Nope, they're not perfect, but, so far, they haven't charged me anything and have provided me with a lot of good info and a place to meet good ppl. If one of my posts gets lost or a feature doesn't work just right, who am I (or you) to complain?

Uh... THEY HAVE ADMITTED THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THE CODE. Safari is coded fine. Boy, there sure are a lot of 'fanbois' ready to defend any problem with this site. Are you getting paid?

. There is a problem with the code that is required to handle the "off spec" behavior of Safari. Safari is NOT "coded fine." I uploaded my avatar, using IE, with no problems. . From what I've seen, yes, this site has plenty of fanbois (and fangurls) and I proudly count myself as one of them. I am not so much defending the site as attacking your extremely rude behavior. . Not paid, but I do enjoy the _privilege_ of using this site. . . I'm through. Don't bother replying.

Whooo! You tell him! Instructables fanbois forever!


11 years ago

Is this problem with uploading pictures fixed yet. I'm on a Mac with Firefox. I am able to upload pictures (at least it says they were uploaded), but they don't show up in my library or on the window where I am trying to build my first Instructable. Very frustrating!

Very fucking annoying that anybody with a mac is excluded from using instructables. Maybe somebody should post an instructable on how to send HATEMAIL to instructables.com on fixing their website so ALL PLATFORMS CAN USE IT!

it seems funny that so many here promote using a MAC. Why are you having more problems then they are? Could it be....

Internet rule #1: Anybody who types MAC in all capital letters doesn't know what they are talking about.

Capitals, for me, are a form of exsenuation. Most times I just put "quotes" around the word however.

PS: Internet rule #1A Don't quote rules to someone that has been using computers before there were even just Bulletin Boards online. Can you say Analog Computer ;-) LOL

LOL. I think you just out-ruled him.

The problem was fixed. thanks.

Ok I've figured out how to get your shots up. This may not work for everyone, but it worked for me. Instead of clicking on the thumbnail of the shot you want to upload, use its location code: eg.C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\2008-03-03" etc. followed by the image name IMG_123.jpg etc.

Get message "No files to upload" + at the corner of the screen "Error on page" I can only upload images 40% of the time.

I am having a problem uploading pics now. I get an message saying there are no files to upload but the list is right on my screen. I am using the latest IE version browser.


11 years ago

Fixed yet????

cash68, we currently have a nasty bug that doesn't allow uploads from Safari. we're almost done fixing this bug. i would recommend download and installing firefox, which i think you'll find to be a better browser. that will clear up your current upload problems. i know that's not an ideal solution, but it's taken us a while to figure out how to support safari. i'm looking forward to seeing your first instructable!

I have firefox, and I don't like using it. Please email me at rpodell@miad.edu when you fix this problem. I'm not using firefox just for this one website, you guys really need to fix the problem and quit shafting mac users.

I understand your position and I can respect that. We have more macs than pc's, so it's not like we're trying to leave macs out there to hang. We will have a fix up in a few weeks. It's not really about poor coding, but rather priorities that has made this fix lag behind.

If you read lebowski's reply, you'd know that they aren't "shafting Mac users," but are actively working on the problem. If you hate it so much, go elsewhere. I don't ever revisit sites that openly support only Windows. It wouldn't mater if they changed their mind. They lost my interest the first time. A prime example would be Netflix.

This website works fine on Macs. It doesn't have any "shit" to fix. It is suggested (strongly) that you use Firefox to create Instructables. I've had good luck with Safari 3.0 too. To add images, you first need to browse to select the images. They must be a standard format such as GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP. You can select as many images to upload as you want before selecting Upload. Once the filename(s) is visible in the upload windows, optionally enter a tag for the the picture(s) and click Upload. Note that there is no progress box. Don't interrupt the process. When it's done it will display your pictures.

No, it does not. I am using Safari and it does not work. Your instructions, while well spoken, are completely useless, because when I click 'upload', it just says 'no file found'.

You're right. Graphic uploads still have problems, even in Safari 3.0. As I pointed out above, the guys at Squid are actively working on a solution to the problem.