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I can't use my iPad to move and resize the remarks on a picture when I share an instructable!. Help! Answered

I usually use a PC to share, but it doesn't have a camera, so I must use a camera and import, so it is busy. I want to use my iPad but I can't use it for resizing and moving the remarks on each of the picture! Help!



Best Answer 6 years ago

The ipad doesn't use a standard web browser, and as such, instructables simply doesn't play nice with it. Your best bet is to use a real workstation with a real (full functional) operating system. Sorry :(

Alex Mercerfrollard

Answer 6 years ago

Oh, thanks man. I've also got a net solution, it is to sync photos from my iPad into the PC after capturing and that's much easier and faster. Oh, please check out my new iPad stand made up of cardboard. It is not published yet but I will inform it to you when available! Thanks!