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I Challenge You: Driving Ball Machine! Answered

Well, heres the first challenge for you guys!
I know, it seems impossible, but it can be done, if you think about it:
A driving ball machine!

A hint if you dare to try:
Try to connect the axle to the ball lifter.
It will make the construction lighter and with that, more room for ball machine surface.

Anyway, dare if you're cool!
Run, if you scared!

Best of luck, dudes!

Link to the group.



9 years ago


hey viccie, why are there only 2 members in the group? and no forums but this one? who won your pistol contest?

I quited and deleted that stupid group! No one paid attention to the 'Pistols only' rule because almost everyone just posted what they had! So i made a new one :P

No one! I gave up the group! People just posted completely random stuff into my group. Like Perfuect Duck put in his Knexecutioner. Or Crestind put in his rifle. So i stopped. :S But i do have a new one :P

I doubt they put the instructables in your group. Most KIers dont like knex contests. Remember anyone can add anything to the group

It's pretty good but, it says 50 Cent. :P

A bit but, i like hardstyle and rock better.

Perfect Duck or Crestind indeed wouldn't do that. You should be able to manage how and what people can enter...


9 years ago

Here are the pics.
And a video:


That's better than the one i thought up of......

This wasn't really a challenge now, was it?

Might build one and enter it into the TGKT, dress it up like a carnival float... Thanks for the idea!


9 years ago

lol i would if i was smart enough to do something like that XD

dangit, i dont have enough parts to build such a thing

I know how to build something like this though............If I could borrow some knex, i could make it

From me? I live in frikkin' Holland xD

but, i have thought of how to do it, its easy really


9 years ago

Done, I'll get pics soon but it's pretty simple.


9 years ago

I might...

I would but I have too many projects.

Thats too bad :S But the concept is possible, right?

Thats not it, it's just that somone can create it :P And i think this forum is actually pretty popular :)

Explain more, I don't understand what you mean.

I mean a ball machine that moves because it drives on wheels but is also a ball machine making it manouverable :)

I think he means that it's a ball machine on wheels that has a motor so it can drive :)

Common! No-one dares?! >:P