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I desperately need empty tins and cigar boxes to use for science kits. Can anyone help me? Answered

I'm a retired educator - I run workshops entitled I'm a scientist - for parents AND their children.



4 years ago

Check out some of the larger thrift stores, I see a wide variety of metal tins and small boxes, mostly fruitcake and cookie tins, plastic boxes and occasionally some wooden boxes. The prices are generally less than a dollar apiece.
And, if its a charity based thrift store, depending upon your workshop's status (profit or non-profit), they may even donate some to you.

Just want you to know how much I appreciate your reply - for you to take the time to write is so appreciated.
I'm off to the Thrift Shops this morning. Why didn't I think of that? :)

Some tobacco shops sell these as cheap as $1 each.

Is that the price for a box with cigars included? Or just the box?

I mean, I don't smoke, but if I can find cigars that cheap, it just seems like such a good deal that maybe I should start smoking.

That makes more sense pricewise.  I guess the boxes are sold as extras, like, a cigar accessory, for the user who wants the option to store/display/serve his or her cigars in a box.  The cigars themselves are sold packaged in what... plastic wrappers? 

Anyway, I'm asking dumb questions, divergent from the original topic.  I mean boxes at a dollar per, this is an excellent answer to OP's question. Sound's like maybe just what he's looking for.

How desperately do you need them? You can buy them. Here is one place i know of.


I'm sure if you search hard enough you can find a manufacture and may be able to get a better deal on them or even get your hands on some manufacture defects. 

For inexpensive containers, I usually check the public recycling bins.  In my home town there is this enormous steel dumpster like thing, that has been sectioned into compartments for PET, HDPE, steel, newspaper, etc.    I don't know if they have have any kind of public recycling in your town, but if they do, this is a good place to go for containers... especially if the containers you are looking for are made out of PET, HDPE, steel, etc.