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I did something really stupid and need help?????? Answered

I am new to electronics and I am trying to build a Arduino UNO and I started to solder the first part on the board and about half way through I realized that I was supposed to use (no clean solder) and I used a core base solder so I need to know if anyone would be so nice and explain how and what to use to clean the board really good to make sure I get it right the first time so I don't waste $70 bucks on the board? I added a couple of pics to show what I need to clean. I know I'm showing my bad solder job but even though I'm new to this I can solder better than this...lol

Thank you for any help



24 days ago

It does not really matter what type of solder you use as long as the connections are made properly.
To me it looks like you have a problem with the heat.
Try to heat the leg of the part AND the solder pad at the same time.
Then add just enough solder to make a nice connection.