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I didnt find polymer clay, so what can i use instead of plymer clay? Answered

I didnt find polymer clay, so what can i use instead of plymer clay

air dry clay, oven dry clay

out of any common type of clay, what can i use instead

im using it for charms


Salt dough - lots of recipes. Bake it hard and varnish.

If your charms aren't too thick, it shouldn't crack. let it dry slowly for a day before you bake it. You will have to varnish it. If salt dough gets wet, the surface feels "slimy" and it will eventually start to crumble and dissolve.

You might have better luck finding it by a brand name. There's Sculpey, Premo Sculpey, Fimo, Promat, Cernit, Friendly Clay, etc. Here's an article explaining what polymer clay is which might help you find the product or at least something similar.  You can maybe take a picture of the stuff to a store and ask for it or ask where you might be able to find it.

In the US, you can find polymer clay in craft stores, art supply stores, and superstores like Wal-Mart, and you can get it online.  I came across this article which seemed kinda interesting, but I can't say whether it's good advice since I don't know anything about shipping to UAE.

Polymer clay is very easy for someone without a kiln to use, and it has a very fine texture.  I can't think of a product that would work quite as well with the same ease of use.

According to google, You can also try WED clay or paper clay but most substitutes would need to be kiln fired.

I'm afraid not, kilns get much hotter than consumer ovens and wouldn't suffice for the job.


7 years ago

Did you ask around at local art stores? If you're not able to order online, then you'll have to use what they have.