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I didn't get my price Answered


I was a winner of the celestron space challange but my price didn't came trough.
I only recieved the instructables prize pack..

What should I do now



Plus all applicable sales tax in your area.

Thnx instructables I love you so much
I can see jupiter and 3 from her 4 moons

Since your address is overseas, Celestron sent your prize to us to send to you. Our shipping department has been going through some changes since the merger with Autodesk. Long story short, I put it on the truck from HQ today.

Er, a prize being officially sent overseas?

Have I missed an announcement from the Autodesk lawyers?

The contest was run previous to our merger. Sorry, no updates on the international front.



Please, go and throw something hot and pointy at the lawyers on my behalf, and the rest of the 46% of traffic that is outside the US.

Be patient - the Instructables Prize pack comes from HQ, but the Celestron part will be coming from them, via all their red tape.