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I don't have the white wine called for in recipes. Can I use Sherry instead? Answered

self explanatory



Sherry will substitute (Andy's comment noted) , but be careful what you use. If the white wine should be dry, use dry sherry. Fairly obvious I suppose.
Part of cooking is experimentation, as long as you can eat it it's worth trying to find out.


Depends on the recipe, really. If it's something like a syllabub then only a white wine will do. With chicken, it will probably make a noticeable difference in taste and in a white or clear sauce will make it a little darker in colour. In anything meatier it won't be as noticeable but cooking's all about experimentation anyway, so give it a try. I've just finished my dinner of chicken pieces, roasted in the oven in a roasting dish, with onions, peppers, garlic and rosemary with a good slosh of white wine and olive oil - Delicious!