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I don't know what this is or what it is worth? Answered

My partner passed away last November and this was in his storage. I have been searching to try to find what it is and the company name Baulaser, but most of the results are in german. Please if anyone knows what this is, I would be so grateful.


It is for land survey, like the guys use to make sure our roads are straight.
Should come with 2 tripods.
Worth only a lot to those who actually use them I would expect it to fetch between 300 and 500€

German made Laser Leveler.

Used in construction to level every thing from foundations to roofs.

It is an older but more expensive model.

Depending on the model, condition, and demand it is worth about € 1000 or $1138.10 usd. at most.

As the others have said, it is some sort of levelling device.

To get more detailed advice, you can contact the manufacturer's representative (Mr. Uwe Dallmann) at this email address: info@baulaser.net

This a laser transit/level. It is used in construction to mark a level reference line in a room for setting cabinets or Sheetrock etc. $80 to $350

did he ever do any sort of land surveying? I would guess that it's something to do with that