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I don't like the new giant font format Answered

Hey.  I'm not using your site on a tiny telephone screen.  Please give me back the previous format so that I can see more than a few sentences per page!  Also, I dislike the full page pictures.  Let me click on them if I want to see more detail.  It really interrupts the flow of your site.



5 months ago

OK Who's the idiot that's trying to justify there job with the site down grade and yes it is a down grade in my opinion.
This site Instuctables is my go to place for how toes , wish I'd thought of that and to share ideas learn new skills. I spent a week trying to work out what was wrong with my computer. I thought there was a setting problem or graphics card problem only to find out that it,s not my end but your end with a format update.

Where to start, how bout the endless white back ground. It burns my eyes after a few minutes.
the pics are way to big.
What happened to the favorites button ? I have over 1100 favorites saved . I save the posts I like for reference to make review build or cook latter. But this option seems to be gone. What I would like to see is some way to save my favorites in there categories like food workshop home outdoors this would help looking for posts easier to find instead of the random order they were saved in.

Is there any way to go back to the old format and let your fans choose, like ( stay on old old format or up date to new format ) but with the option to go back to the old if you don,t like it.

I know the sits may have some issues that i'm not a where off and you work hard behind the seens to keep everything running smooth. I think you went to far to quick. You may loose fan over this I mite be one of them.
This all may sound very harsh and it's meant to I'm try to get my point across that i don't like the new format. I only say all this out of LOVE for this site. Please don't let it fall on deaf ears.
thanks JIMWI

Went through the publishing process just as the look was changing over. It looks fine on mobile and in portrait mode on a 4K screen, but the pictures are too big - even reducing it to 75% doesn't fit the entire cover picture on-screen on my laptop and I think that's a major issue. The one step I have where I have 2 images looks particularly bad.
I was fed up with some other layout change (in 2012!) I disliked and I went and collaged all my photos (https://www.instructables.com/id/Built-in-wardrobe/) as an experiment. This was a real pain to do and I'd prefer not to be forced back into it...

This format is hopeless. I'm viewing it on a standard monitor which is wider than it is tall. I have HUGE images taking up the whole height of the screen - requiring endless scrolling to see any content.
Also, all the content is squeezed into the middle third of the screen with nothing but white space on either side. How arrogant of Autodesk to assume that this is better for me.
At least give us a setting to choose which layout we see (or revert to the old format - fat chance).

I don't really mind the new format in terms of the huge images and text (though a bit smaller may be better) and I really like the integration of the contests (though "judges prize" seems to be referred to as "runner up" or "third prize"), but what really bothers me is that the new design is way less about the author of the instructable. The image of the author is a lot smaller, there is no more short description and most importantly no other instructables of the author are shown!

Also in firefox when I am not logged in the design isn't centered at all (I can live with that, but not really featuring the author is a mayor issue to me).


I couldn't agree with you more. It feels icky. I can handle a new format, but when my name is barely on my work and it's harder for viewers to find more of it, I'm far less motivated to create more content.

I'm not particularly keen on change, but in most cases I will just get used to it. However the images are way too big, the font size is kinda huge too. It has to be reverted back to something much more similar to the previous style or I will probably go nuts.

+2 !
When I updated the site and got the new look I was shocked to see how huge it is now.
Browsers let you enlarge the content quite easy but it is impossible to shrink it now because the images are far too big.
If I shrink the thing I am left with a tiny column in the center of my screen.

I just checked firefox w/o ad block and not logged on. Eventually a Papa John's ad appeared on right side of the page - took about 1 minute to load.

I don't see the author image at all. And yes, using the instructable to advertise primarily classes/contests instead of the author's other work is pretty rough on authors. A "More from" section would be good. I am really pleased to see the accumulated "I made it"s though.

I agree with most of the other criticisms below, and have another. Where's the Favorite button now? Sometimes I just want to favorite a 'ible without necessarily Following the author. That, along with having the author section at the top right was a good feature I thought. Now gone!
Why do good sites have to make major changes, seemingly just for the sake of change? These changes certainly weren't an improvement.

Hi there,

The favorite button is on a bar that will appear at screen top when you scroll down on a project page. This has proven to be hard to find for other users as well, so your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Hard to find is right! I wouldn't have found it without this post. The reason: Once you put your site specific features (IE: Download PDF, Add to favorites, Post a comment, etc.) right next to the "share" features (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) that exist on every website, the user will then just glance right past them. Once I see the Facebook icon on a page, I automatically realize that I'm in an area that is not specific to that site.

If the links weren't hidden until scrolling past a certain point, that would definitely help. Along with distancing themselves from the share links.

Thanks, I do see it now. You are absolutely right that I must have been on auto-ignore.

Changes these days seem to be nothing but surface changes and repackaging. In most repackaged products it seems that at least sometimes, this is done to distract attention from reduced functionality!


5 months ago

I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to find how to collect an instructable. Then I realized the format changed and now I see that others are not finding that button as well. What happened? How do I collect (or favorite) an instructable?


5 months ago

I get people's criticism, and sometime changes take time to get use to. I'm gonna be patient and see if there's some tweaking...
However, I really do like the "folding in" of Questions into the forum format. Never understood why that was separated -- if you've been a I'ble user for a long time, you might remember there where more lively techie discussions here before. That separation seemed to draw away from the forum community.
And I personally don't care for the Questions format (assuming it's still the same!) -- once the O.P. chooses the "correct" answer, all input ends -- 'cause it's a contest, rather than an ongoing discussion. I get the impression that no one ever looks at those Questions again. Personal opinion; others feel differently, no doubt...


5 months ago

I reckon that instructables should put the images to the left and text to the right side of the page and previous/ next buttons to "slide" to the next step or have continuous scroll sideways. But, yeah... those images are too big.

A?D you remove spaces from comments. That looked really good before posting...



Too much white space.

........ ........ . . ........
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. ..... . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .
. ........ . . .

is too big.

I have a large monitor so I can fit lots of stuff on it.
If the stuff expands to fill the space it is counter productive.


What's wrong with the changes of Instructable?

It's way too minimalist. With all the white space and simple formatting it's no better than sites I used to put together just using basic HTML. It looks like how you'd present the info in Word, except with even fewer features. Even on a large screen having to scroll back and forth between images and their corresponding text is frustrating. I think I git an RTS injury just trying to scroll through a medium sized 8 step post.
Also the forum has been collapsed into a single thread of either questions of topics with no other sorting? They might as well delete anything that falls off the first page.

And you can no longer delete your comments/replies and there still is no edit feature so you're out of luck if you make a mistake.

Edit my mssage? Why woudl I want to edit my messssage?;)

very much agree, I really can't see any improvement in the new format

Couldn't have summed it up better. Some parts have been improved, but the pictures are too big.


5 months ago

Yes, the pictures are too big...

The new format is almost unreadable. I'm considering canceling my subscription. Let me know if they give you a method to revert.

The problem with all steps being visible at once that I could see would be data usage. Some instructables are huge.