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I dont really want to buy a $130ground fx neon kit for my car, can i use cold cathodes for the underside? Answered

The ground fx kit for my car would be around $130 bucks. Cold cathodes go for $6 on ebay. Can i use 6 cold cathodes and wire it into my car?


*sigh* I'm guessing your license plate is "playa" or "ballerz" or something like that?

No i have a 1997 Chevy camaro, Its a nice car and i love ground fx.


LED is way more efficient than CC, doesn't use mercury, and is a LOT more vibration resistant - agreed with fwjs. I would also argue you get more lumens per dollar for leds...if a bit more work to assemble.

"LED is way more efficient than CC" NO IT ISN'T !! Only the very latest LEDS, still in research, and at silly forward currents can beat CC. I keep seeing this LEDs are more efficient stuff, they're getting close, but they ain't there yet !

I searched a bit and ccs are around 40 lumens per watt - led can be anywhere from 20-90 lumens per watt. all in all they average around the same. Touche - "way more" is inaccurate. "on par" is better.


8 years ago

There a tually is an ible on using LEDs...I'd try that instead of cc