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I don't think my sewing machine is threaded right. Which direction is the thread spool supposed to turn? Answered

This definitely isn't my first time sewing. I've threaded my machine many times. This time the bottom thread keeps messing up and I can't figure out why. I've started over and over. I've changed the direction that the thread spool and the bobbin turns and that didn't help. I thought maybe the tension or the stitch length or width had something to do with it. I've used this kind of thread with this kind of needle and this kind of fabric all together before and it worked. I really need help before I have to take my sewing machine to a repair shop so they can tell me how to fix this, because I don't have any family or friends that sew.


Start with a fresh bobbin and carefully re-read the directions for the bobbin and threading the machine.

A similar thing happened to me, and it was because the thread on the bobbin wasn't wound right.  It just about drove me crazy.

Generally, the direction that the main thread spool turns is not of great importance, but ensuring that the machine is threaded properly is huge. The direction the bobbin turns is frequently quite important, and it's usually opposite of the direction that the thread feeds out of the bobbin case. This all varies by manufacturer and model, of course.
Your problem sounds like a tension issue, but whether it's a tension issue due to improper threading, improper adjustment, or machine tuning is very hard to guess. As Re-design says, knowing what model of machine it is (and how the bottom thread is messing up) would be very helpful.

What model machine is it?  I can't answer your question since your machine may not be like my wife's machine.