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I don't want to lose her Answered

 I made friends with a girl in my neighbourhood but she started acting funny when I started showing a friendly attention which she understood differently ,so  she started pulling away so I chased I chase her but that wasn't  my intentions so I called her and told her I liked her just as a friend ,that very evening I met her cousin who lived in the same house and since then I cant stop thinking of her(cousin) but things became tense between the two of them because of me and (cousin) had to pull away even ignoring my calls ....they live together ,school together ,they practically do everything together ,plus there are five other girls in the house...plss help me



Best Answer 5 years ago

Kerrr--POWWW--ZLINGGG.... I just transported you 20 years into the FUTURE!!! Now you are married to a complexly different person that God intended you to marry, but it wasn't one of those 5 ladies! Now you look back on those 5 girls and you know 2 of them went to prison, one of them was a GOLD-DIGGER .. and the 2 you liked the most ended up in the LOONEY BIN. Every day you look at your wife and are thankful to God that He led you to the RIGHT woman he intended for you to marry. In other words don't get too over-excited about any one girl. If the relationship ends, maybe it is just God watching out for you.

Thank you very much yàour advice went a long way to help me. God bless you

Go fishing.

I married my first wife when I was 19 big mistake.

Married my second wife in my late twenties (Met her in high school when I was 16) we have been together for thirty years and been through heaven and hell together.

Go out live life and have fun, if you lose them it wasn’t meant to be, when the time is right you will know the difference between love and infatuation.

For now live and learn.

Pick one. Talk to them and if there are hard felling then that's the way it is. But it sounds like the first girl wasn't interested so i don't see the problem.


5 years ago

You sound ambivalent,

Which is the girl you don't want to lose ?