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I dream of cheesy Answered

I have just learned that people believe that eating cheese before bed will give you nightmares. I have also just learned that scientists have proven this not true. In fact, earing cheese before bed will improve your sleep and depending on the type of cheese that you have eaten, will depend on the types of dreams that you have. Now, I wonder how all that Cheez Whiz that Tetranitrate has been eating is affecting his sleep.

You can't make this stuff up.



10 years ago

I rarely have (or remember) my dreams. Guess it's time to increase my cheese intake. Seriously, I'll try eating some cheddar tonight and see what happens.

I think it takes quite alot to have an effect, I eat alot of cheese in my house, but I always have so Ican't say what's normal, don't even think about saying cheese detox, that would be up there with coffee and cigarettes... It's a food group in my house, like pizza, chicken, micro-shite, green stuff, 'real' veg, alcohol and toast. yes toast get's it's own food group.

I have a wide taste variety when it comes to cheeses.....Bleu, gouda, feta, swiss, farmer's cheese, goat cheese, sharp, and mild...hard and soft. Even the common Cottage cheese *sigh*

Cheese is good stuff... What you said about your grandma and the peanut dates - that must be one of the least eating time to prep time foods in existence... I would suspect someone here could automate the process and remind you of childhood again...

Yeah, it probably almost rivels eating little 6-8 inch crabs, picking tiny pieces of meat out....all that work and so little benefit. I can't imagine even attempting to stuff the dates....tis slower going then having to shell one's own sunflower seeds :-)

Maybe a form of injection mechanism could work, you load the peanuts in and plunge the tool in, forcing them into the date. I can hack eating crabs, they just don't feel like food after all the work...

All energy put into eating the little crabs, gets burned up trying to get at the meat. And you get little cuts in which the Old Bay seasoning goes, etc. Good times LOL

Happiness is bleeding and dissatisfaction, though they might be good weight loss foods, noone would bother eating the whole thing after a while, they'd go the meat payload and subsequently leave the other bits for pets etc.

I have used cayenne as an astringent already, and it helps kills the pain some, but Old Bay is not my favorite thing to put into wounds that seem senseless (nothing gained by them) :-)

Not many would put powdered hot pepper directly into a bleeding wound however....that reminds me, I need to get some more....it is a great astringent, really.

I did it with powdered black pepper because I was drinking and thought of salt but having been drinking picked up the pepper...

I am not sure of how antiseptic black pepper is :-) But the Capsicum in the other hot peppers is also antiseptic and is an eventual pain killer.

Not very, I can tell you that with reasonably good levels of sureness... However it distracts you from the original injury by making it burn, you wash it out and it ends up clean and safe...

The proverbial "salt in the wound" thing (although salt acts somewhat antiseptically also :-) .

yeah, one part of the bike story that was left out, mainly because the security guard at work gave me a hand with the state of my elbow pre-hospital, he didn't warn me about the salt and hurt enough to make me involuntarily smack him in the face, he understood and we ended up laughing after remembering that we broke a freezer last time we started a fight (and the time before that.) It's even reccomended by the doctors, though I still believe they're partly just sadists. For example a simple antiseptic solution involving something chlorohexamine is actually soothing, iodine however...

Did you mean chlorhexidine ? Chlorheximine is used in a "skin patching fluid" but I have not seen it widely used as an antiseptic.

Okay I'm not sure which it was as that was a reasonably serious cut to my elbow in the crash, a deep burn/graze from the tarmac and a pretty damn deep gash in the middle, considering it has also grown a shell that is actually quite tough I can't tell what was used he definitely used one if not both, it's hard to remember, even though it was an hour and a half after the incident I was still in 'ARGGH' mode, just after the fall I was clutching my right hand to my stomach and pedalling like hell for no reason, leaving a trail of blood in my wake...

Well, my last accident, although there was no blood, was at least as painful. I misjudged the height of the sidewalk from the road, after crossing, hopped up onto the sidewalk, but didn't quite clear it (yeah, this is the kind of thing you have to look forward to in 35-40 years LOL); twisted my right ankle and came down on it with all my weight. Thankfully I did not break it, but now, nearly 2 years later, it still "catches and clicks" a lot. *sigh*. I must have laid on the ground half groaning half screaming for a good half hour or so. Still, I eventually got up and hobbled into work, and did my shift that night

Ah I have become immune to going over on my ankles I have done that alot due to being me, now if I'm running I can go over on my ankle and the side will hit the ground and just right itself in the next step as long it doesn't make me fall, then it gets bent too far and my toes all pop out (I was born with handy detachable toes, no fun for boots, I have to get at them to fix them most of the time) Yeech that must have been bad if it catches and clicks, everytime I talk about my injuries I end up feeling old but you've made me feel better... I'll now loook forawrd to making a crunching sound every step

:-) well, I still remember the last time I attempted to VAULT over something. I was an amateur high jumper in HS, so I could get decently high (not high enough to compete however), but one day, forgetting that I was then 35, and about 40 pounds heavier than I had been, I jumped over a chain that was strung between two iron posts....it was only about 2 3/4 feet to 3 feet off the ground.......my foot caught it dead center, and I flipped over the chain and got a chest full of broken up macadam for my trouble. Thankfully no one saw it....and i only had to explain my foolishness to my wife (I thought you had a yellow shirt on? Why is it brown and red now LOL).

Careful, some people get constipated from too much cheese

Ummm, I love dates and apricots. My grandma used to take the time to stuff the dried dates with peanuts.....oh were they good

Mom makes cherry date nut cookies every Christmas; they're divine. And I only like apricots in baby-food form, mixed with pears LOL

Same here---mmmmm, asiago

Let us know how that goes.

Wouldn't that be bad for your teeth?

ROFL, I'll give this a go, I need some nightmares to jazz up me life...


10 years ago

Alright, I ate 1 cup of cheddar cheese last night, and I experienced no dreams. I don't remember anything at all. Nothing. It's as if the cheese had the opposite effect on me. I'll try again tonight to see if I can get it to work.

That's disappointing. Perhaps next time it will work better.

Ah, sorry about not updating. The second day in the row was more "eventful", if you will. The dream took place in my school, which was now in outer space. The humans were in a battle with these "aliens", which looked similar to the Stormtroopers from Star Wars, but similar in color to Master Chief from Halo (which is a game I've played once, so I'm not sure if there is any significance.) We weren't regular guns, but "blasters", again, similar Star Wars (or any other Sci-fi movie, I guess.) I found an alien aircraft, which was remarkably similar to a circular pool float, but it hovered. It had a blaster and a "plasma " launcher. As I was riding through my school, picking off the enemies, I saw one of my friends was in trouble. I grabbed him and we continued through school. Amazingly, there were still people unaware of what was going on. They were going to their lockers and everything. Suddenly, all hell broke loose and I got hit in my arm and both legs. I figured this was the end of the world, so I went over to this one female I like and asked her out. She said yes, and then I woke up. Yeah, try looking that up in a dream dictionary. I'm getting a good sleep tonight (been awake for 28 hours straight now), so I'll consume some more cheese. This is quite fun, as dreams are so cryptic.

Interesting, continue on with the experiment...

Lol I can't help evil villain lines from time to time... It's very interesting, I had a go but cheese has little effect on my dreams but they're already quite vivid..

On Monday night, I had a dream I was clotheless in public. On Tuesday night, I had no dream.

Interesting, was this with cheese or not, maybe a few nights without to see what difference it makes to you, or try higher doses and see what happens...

cheese, popcorn, or anything, if I eat too much too late at night, I end up with what I call "toxic waste dump" nightmares. Nothing is stranger than those....and when I wake, I have an upset stomach (wonder why?).

I've never made that connection.... How strange...