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I dropped my Nintendo DSi and the top screen colour has gone negative. How do I make the colours go back to normal? Answered

Everything else on my DSi is unaffected.



I think the best thing to do would be to send it back to Nintendo. I was disappointed to see how fragile the system is, and dropping it, even a short distance, can result in stuck pixels, damaged buttons, and even touch screen calibration issues, so inverted colors is not too hard to picture. Go to the Nintendo website (www.nintendo.com) and go to the customer service section.

They have great customer service, so they should be able to fix it up nice.

Wow...that actually seems pretty cool. I agree with skittlespider. 1.00 is not a lot to pay for a 160 dollar dsi system.

It sounds to me like you may have loosened a cable or something with the drop. I would try carefully opening it and seeing if any cables are visibly loose. I accidentally damaged one of the flex cables in my DS while modifying it, and now my top screen is messed up.

Here is the replacement part I ordered. I would double check these cables especially to see if they are loose.