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I feel an urge....... Answered

I have an urge to build a replica, your job as a person who is reading this is to tell me what gun I should replicate.


If I do not build or idea right away, do not be offended, as I will build or attempt all of these at one point or another.

I'm rather in the same position TAD. I can't seem to figure out what to build, but I am sure my bro has some ideas, he always does.

and on another note, I would prefer you call me something other than TAD, but it's ok right now. I came up with that acronym a while ago and disliked it as soon as it was made evident to me.

Cool! I was planning to build it, but I got to many ideas to work on it right now. Hope it turns out well!

How about a...M17S? Or maybe a M1919...? There are so many guns out there that I suggest you do what sounds good to you. You'll suceed better that way.

You want me to build a fricken tank?!?!?!?! for real bro?
im thinking abou the M17s bushmaster because ive been wanting to do a bullpup

lol when I searched for the as 70/90 on bing images it came up with only tanks XD im think about which ones I want to do. . . . . . . im thinking ak 103 and m17s

Han Solo's blaster.

My favorite is the oldest weapon in the US Forces inventory and is virtually unchanged since Mr Browning made it in 1933.

The M2 or ma deuce, lots of cool history behind it, packs a punch. Chops up trees, vehicles, people, shoot planes down from the sky.

A Barrett 50 cal


A QBZ-95

why has this not showed up in the forums yet?

The same filters that protect against spam also protect against stuff that isn't "family friendly".

Look at your keywords...