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I feel so overwhelmed Answered

I've just returned to making stuff. A former tinkerer turned university student and I can't even make an electric project cause i'm worried i'll be a disgrace as an engineer. I tried fixing my tablet but ended up frying the PCB. Now i'm afraid i'm gonna blow something up. I'm also worried that what I make is something someone else made. So copyrights and what not. How did people deal with this fear? 

I also feel like I have no initiative i.e. not doing something the easier way and end up looking like a fool. Or do I just look into people's perception of me too much?


you need to enjoy the process. If you place too much emphasis on ending up with a finished product you won't enjoy the making.

In machine shops, it is common to make 10% more parts than were ordered. One does step 1 on all parts, then step 2 on all parts, and eventually get to the last step. Screwing up a few parts is expected. That's why the extra 10% at the start. The materials are typically cheap compared to one's time.

It's interesting you bring this up. I am a Civil Engineer who works in the Construction Industry as an Inspector and I could tell you 1000 and one ways that something can go wrong. I don't have this fear you mention at all and now I'm curious why.

All of my interests (hence instructables) come from my personal hobbies, with the exception of things I do for my children and without getting something wrong, there's no way to learn from it and teach my children how to learn from it. That's the perspective from a mom who knows the value of failure and learning what I can and cannot do. My 8-year old wanted to learn about making videos, something I was not expecting so I had to teach myself new software to put videos together, how to take good videos, find and add sound effects, etc., etc. Good topic and thanks for sharing your experience.

What is science?

screwing up, documenting the results, and publishing em.

Wait, or is that entertainment? or education? Maybe it's all 3.

Sorry about your tablet. I tend to work on cheaper, more robust things. I did, however, fry someone's mother board once when I plugged power into a data port. Who woulda thought the same plug would fit both??!! Anyway, now I know, and take more care in that area.

Meh, stuff breaks, life goes on. As long as you learn from mistakes (even if it's only "get my next tablet fixed by a pro"), you can move on to different creative challenges.

Me, I can't code for toffee, and my textile skills are poor (my knitting makes my wife cringe), and my soldering is just ugly.

None of that puts me off, I just workaround these shortcomings, or do something else altogether.

Try it.

Thanks. That really helped a lot.

*Strikes heroic pose*

Any time!