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I finished sorting my knex! Answered

I finally finished my knex after some weeks full of procrastinating. If you haven't already sorted all your pieces, I highly recommend you do so. When all of your pieces are sorted, it makes building much easier. The only problem is the fact that you have to re-sort everything once you've taken something apart.


I think I have the same containers! Except a lot more. (For rollercoaster parts. :-p)

Exactly the reason why I don't sort Knex. I did with lego but then I could never ever be bothered to put it all back in the correct boxes. The only sorting I do is rods and connectors in seperate boxes.

I got a whole smack of little tubs from home depot that work really well.

where did you buy the tubs? i could use them for electronics.

For small components (like resitors, diodes, ceramic caps, etc) I'd use those 9 card sleaves for binders. For larger caps, and other exotic items then I'd use those small part drawers that you can get at walmart or lowes or home depot that are meant for things like nails and screws. Anything bigger than that I'd just find a shelf for

actually, i have on 60 drawer cabinet for the parts. i want a smaller model ics.