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I found Keith-Kid! Answered

Have you ever been wandering aimlessly around the Intarwebbs, and found something that reminded you of someone? I just did. Post your pics, people. :D


very funny I hope keith kid does not see this...

oh dang... well ha ha funny story eh? I on the other hand do not think that you are an evil fire breathing monster that kills disembodied heads.really i would do better than to mess with an elder of instructables. *does the bow of respect*

....what the?

Has it srsly taken you this long?

BTW you are more than welcome to use this as an avatar.

yes well and who are those disembodied heads floating about the buildings?

You sound like Harold on Monk...

(To little kids who drew him a get well picture) "...and what's holding this bridge up? Magic? *draws cables* Okay, now it's a bridge."

Wasn't that the one where he was the Frisco Fly?

I think KK has more hair...

Do you wish you had more hair? I count only 6 strands. Or do you wish you were this guy:

This is what Kiteman looks like when he gets angry.

peww peww go the lasers coming out of his eyes

"Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power?" "It's over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!"

Shouldn't he be glowing radioactive green though?

It is a more subtle, in-the-dark type of glow. But yes.

Add a beret and it will look like Jamiw from mythbusters.

And thats an image I found by googling 'bald scientist'. I didn't make it, though I wish I did...

I'm waiting for that flask to shatter...

I actually found a pic of my mom on google....... figures, she's a famous film maker here on Indonesia anyway..... If you don't believe me, search " Nia Dinata " in google..... oh, and here's the pic ( there are also tons more )

nia dinata.jpg

Haha, KK wishes he looked that cool. That child clearly spent a lot of time and effort on that, a Michelangelo of 6-year-olds.

Who let a six year old watch Tomb of the Dragon Emperor?

Eeek, the emperer has no clothes...

Heh, the Emperor only wears a cape when terrorizing the citizens of Tokyo! :D