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I found a Travel Bug while Geocaching and I was hoping someone could explain the hardware it's made of if possible. Answered

This is what I found, I know what the clip is, I'm just not sure about the other pieces.

Thank you!

(Here is a link if the picture does't load for whatver reason)




Best Answer 5 years ago

Seems those "legs" is parachute release pins

Try asking the TB owner if you can.

I know what a travel bug is, I was wondering what the legs were, I should have been more specific, sorry. But thanks for replying. And thank you Dariuza for the answer I was looking for.

HERE's what the geocaching website has to say about Travel Bugs.

I think the clip and prongs are supposed to be like a bug or just an interesting item to attach the TB to. Maybe you're supposed to take one of the legs and then but the rest in a new cache. The tag is the Travel Bug itself. There should be a an ID number on it that you enter on the linked website and it will show where it's been and who's picked it up. There may be more instructions about what you are supposed to do with it now.

Literally, it looks like the TB is made of stainless steel, maybe aluminum, that has been laser scribed. the clip is stainless and the little prongs are either stainless or aluminum as well.

The Thing attached to the bead chain of the TB is just an interesting item attached to go with the TB.

The TB itself is just a basic aluminum dog tag. Take the tracking number on the back and enter it here. The owner of the TB will likely have a description of the travel buddy they attached to the TB. Log your find and ask any questions you have about it that isn't covered in the TB's description.

Good job not posting the TB number!