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I found a poem I wrote from 3rd grade! Answered

On my computor, I found a poem I wrote when I was in 3rd grade! Here it is: Bother Oh the people you bother, You sister, your father, Your brother, Your mother, And they always say, "GO OUT AND PLAY!!" And I say no "What if it'll snow?" No one will know Until the next day. Oh the people you bother, Your sister, your father, You brother, Your mother, And they leave the room. So I take out the vacuum. I sucked up their cheeks, and I sucked up their nose, I went outside and squirt them with a hose. And then they say, "GO OUT AND PLAY!!!" And I say no "What if it will snow?" No one, no thee, No more than three, Will know until the next day. I guess it's pretty good for a 3rd grader!


It's always nice finding stuff from when you were a kid.

Very cool. I see a movie being made of this in about six months... starring Nicholas Cage.

Reminds of Suess.

Hahaha about 5 people have said that (Including me)

Do you know the song Chocolate Rain? If not just look it up. Here are my lyrics Orange Pee, Can someone tell me what is wrong with me? Orange Pee, When It was yellow I was full of glee Orange Pee, Elmo Says Ha haha tickle me! Orange Pee, Teach my toenail how to water ski Orange Pee, My half brother half sister ate a bee Orange Pee, I eat blue socks out of a red box, SHANIQUA

How dare you make fun of a politically and morally loud song.

I'm not the only one to. There are many other people.

i wrote a poem about asians , it was funny.

That's a weird coincidence. They were talking about Chinese baseball players on Sports Soup (Show)


That's good! I wrote a pretty good one in 1st grade, but got terrible marks for it. My teacher was too traditional to dig freeform beat!

It was just a regular, standard form, 4 line per stanza poem, with every other line rhyming. I only remember the mis-matched, "free-form" ending. The fat Cat, Sat, On the man's Tan Hat..... And the man flipped!

Very nice!

With just the right mods+touches, I could make this a good rap!

Sure, why not? I should try that sometime and post it on YouTube... it would be kinda dumb though.

Haha, cute. Almost Suessian.

Yerp. When I first wrote this that is the first person I thought about