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I found poems that I would like to print out, the problem is...I want to add backgroud with fancy lettering Answered



If you want a bit more control over text appearance and placement you might have better luck with a vector drawing program such as the free Inkscape.


7 years ago

Whether you're using OpenOffice or MS Word, they both have the capability to watermark your paper.
Look up "how to watermark" for whichever you use and follow the instructions. Its not too difficult, and you can print your text over the background watermark.

In case you don't own MS Word or similar commercial solution, there's a really nice freebie MS Office substitute called OpenOffice that can be downloaded for the cost of waiting for the download and installation. H

Here's the link:

A couple of options:

1) pick up stationary with pretty pictures in the background, and print on that.

2) In 'word' or equivelant, copy the text into a new file, center as you like, and add a picture to the document, right click, format> set the layout to 'behind text' and the colour to 'watermark' -- they'll pastel out to about 10% opacity, making for a great background picture...

or combine the options -- print the picture in low opacity to make background paper, then run the poem through the printer again...

Take the text, and push it through a word processor ?