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I get to go to the Instructables HQ! Answered


I am leaving to Yosemite on Thursday, renting a hotel.
Then the next day (Friday), I am going to hike or whatever.
Then we go back to the hotel.
Saturday morning, we start out to San Francisco.
We get there around... I dunno, 3 or 4 or something?
I won't be able to make it to Yuri's Night, but the next day (Sunday), Eric and I are planning on meeting at the HQ at around 11 I guess.

This is gong to be sweet.

Sorry the images lack color...


I can't believe this happened when I was just a kid... HOW CRAZY IS THIS?!

Hey, when I went, I was about the oldest person there, it was still crazy-fun.

Times are fun when you're having flies.
~Kermit the Frog

WHY does everyone ELSE get to go? What do you have to do? Do you have to bribe somebody? Pay somebody? What??? Oh, I'm sorry, congratulations.

Hey!I wasn't even greeted by the bot,let alone being an intern!

:) Also, why cant you go?(Don't have to answer.)

:D I was just a newbie back then. Since, I've actually been invited, but couldn't go due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts. Hopefully next summer. Maybe.

ah HEM ! everyone else? Does that mean I am a nobody since I don't "get to go?" LOL

Oh, ok I didn't know your statement was self-inclusive :-)

True enough, except if someone is still a nobody at my age, they are considered pretty much a loser.

I'm not a loser, I'm a winner...I've won prizes off the radio many times. I stopped counting at 35. the DJs know my name and address, etc.

I didn't say you....I said me (if you get to be my age, as I have, and haven't accomplished things). So much I have wanted to do and have not really accomplished any of them.

Trying to steer the conversation to be cheerful...sorry you haven't accomplished everything you want though...

Well, I never expected to accomplish everything.....a few things would be nice :-) But I am the one that should be apologizing....I shouldn't be online when I feel depressed. Sorry if I have put a damper on things here.

Sugar makes me sleepy, and good pure chocolate makes me mellow :-) It has to do with the upcoming HOPE convention in NYC, it will be the last one at the Hotel Pennsylvania, and it looks like I had a shot at going finally. But my wife doesn't want me away for all three days nor does she want to come along. I was reminded of this moments ago, when I answered a post in the HOPE discussion forum at the 2600 site. And so I got temporarily depressed *sigh*...the depression will pass, as will the HOPE convention it seems.

Really, I would rather just have the 3 days at the convention :-)

aww that sucks. can i join the people who didnt get to go to ibles hq club? i doesnt look like im going either.

I am referring to the HOPE con in NYC....just a few hours drive or by train.

I just noticed ur going through mid-life crisis! which explains why ur always down. Turn that frown upsidedown!!!!! TURN IT!!!! TURN IT!!!

thats right....


I am not ALWAYS down, but I have my (extended) moments :-)

do 3 month periods count as moments?

that sounds weird....

3 months ? One week with the wife per month is enough.

Oh, I am never depressed that long :-) I may be "on and off" for that long, but that is never a continuous condition with me :-)

you sound like the robot marvin from a hitchhiker's guide to the galaxie.

This will all come to tears, I just know it...... :-)

then you should support my Instructables Awards Idea. Then you'd get the most comments prize and be a winner!!!

And for first prize......a round trip around my back yard.... :-)


*rushes off to find a new prize...*


First you need to pay me $100. Then you may ask Eric if you can drop by and say hi... ;-)

Monk had a sex change? Man, he - sorry, she - is even more screwed than I thought! :-D

Adrianna Monk - hmm...

I've always been female!!!!!!!!!

Don't you watch "Monk" on USA????

Yeah, I knew that - just poking fun at you. After all, "Adrian Monk is female" would be an interesting twist in the TV series, don't you think? ;-)

I know you were poking fun - I was pretending to freak out! :D It would be an interesting twist indeed...

I like Monk, but that's just scary.

...I'm confused...

Adrian isn't Adrian, she is a TV series?