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I give up..... Ok, you inspired me to finish it....so no complaints about it's appearance.... ;-) Answered

I really do now. I have tried to recover a blunder done on a large wooden egg I was going to enter into the Egg contest (pyrograph + ), but I have ruined it beyond repair. The pyrography portions take so long to do on a curved surface....I don't think I have the patience to get another and retry.

This is a bit depressing really. Maybe I should go back to just doing electronics and leave the pretty things to those with an eye for it. *sigh*

I added the "finished" pictures to the end......


I feel your pain, I tried to make a homemade flyback transformer, and hoping to post an instructable, but failed... It burnt out - hours of work just simply burnt out... *Sigh*


BTW, what do you think went wrong? Too high current or voltage...or a chink in the insulation?

Well, it is too much voltage (10Kv) but I don't understand, the insulation should withstand 7KV and it arced between 300 turns of wire which is about 4Kv between each other... I think it is the salt from my hands...

Yeah, maybe you should cut back....some day all that salt will give you high blood pressure :-) Seriously though, I suppose that could happen.

Even a tiny little bit of salt on the wires can cause hugh problems, I read that some where...

With the voltage that high, the problems would be caused by a combination of inductance and the conductivity of the salt. Yeah, I can see that happening for sure.....I guess we need to wear rubber gloves to wind HV coils....yeah, that'll happen ;-) I can barely handle the wire without gloves on LOL

Yeah, I am going to buy some gloves soon...

Thanks, what I really need is some of that resin stuff to seal the coils...

and it didn't burn your eyes out ? LOL

???????????????????????????????????? Is that an expression?

Well, I still think it is rather ugly, and there is a joke about something so ugly it would melt your brain, or something like that :-)

Ugliness melts brains? That is a really weird joke...

I can't think of the specific one, but here are a few similar ones: You're so ugly, you scare blind people away. You're so ugly, mirrors commit suicide. You're so ugly, your reflection looks away. You're so ugly, it's your middle name. You're so ugly, you have to sneak up on a glass of water.

will that keep it from arching across the coil though ?

Yes, resin is a very good high voltage insulator, the problem is... I don't know where to get it...

they dont sell to turkey where i live though

Oh, sorry to hear that

no prob,however i also want to make plastic things!

Well, I am going to not let this be a failure to be finished.....if I finish and no one likes it....then at least I have "done it", poorly or no....Hopefully I can get it finished before the contest ends.....not that it will even get into the top 30 out of 25 entrants.... ;-)

Nearly done....all I need is a, um, connector :-) and I will have it....oh shoot, batteries are dead in my camera.....tomorrow then.....I will have pics to enthrall and repel, appall, shock, disgust, revolt, repulse, and nauseate :-)

it looks good...........

Since you have time on your hands, take your watch off, smash it to bits, collect the survivors, hot glue gears and shiny bits to the egg, spray paint it with some umber color and there you have it... Steampunked hard-boil egg!

To me it looks so convoluted :-) something patchwork robot ostrich would lay LOL

Qapla' my Kingon friend. Make one and victory shall be yours.

Boiled egg is a dish best served piping hot and with a small plate of buttered soldiers beside it.

Seems to have lost some of the original pithiness in the translation...