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Your wii friend codes? Answered

Hey I got CoD4 reflex edition for wii, so pm me your friend code for it and I'll add you. Yeah. I also have mario kart and I don't know any other games that I have which can go online. But yeah, comment here and add your friend code or pm me if you don't want it out.

Merry christmas!



 hey do you have the 2nd DS version?
heres my FC 4 the ds version (MW mobilized ds)
post your FC in a reply comment For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized DS

hayz i got a wii 4 christmas can you help me out?
i have an account on club nintendo called MSTMrules and i have 850 star points registered, but I dont know how to log into that account on the wii.
its connected to my server, and i can play wifi with no problem, but when i go to wii shop channel then it says their are only 2 ways of getting the points, buy them with ur credit card, or buy a wii point card.
can you help?
+ how do i find my fc?

Sorry, no idea. But, get yourself CoD4 reflex and add meh!

 only if you stop adding the H to me.
chances are I wont get it, but if not what other games do you have?

Oh right, yeah :P
Mario Kart can go online, and i think starwars force unleashed can too.

 i might get force unleashed.
hang on ill get my mariokart FC.

 o same here. it sucks alot and the graphics are crap, it took me 1.5 hours to beat. the helicopter levels are fun though.

Here's mine:


(just kidding, I don't have the game)